Everyone can start a blog without any prior writing experience. It is because, in blogging you can communicate with your readers in a casual manner. However just starting up a new blog does not make you a successful blogger.

Here successful means getting more traffic and actually piling up more money. But you have to keep one thing in mind that traffic coming to your blog must be genuine. People coming to your site must be your regular readers.

So the next question is how do you get genuine readers? Moreover, how do you make out who is a genuine reader? Well! A genuine reader is one who subscribes to your blog.

Hence, how do you get more and more subscribers for your blog? Let us discuss and reveal the techniques through giving social media tips on how you can get 1000 subscribers in just 7 days.

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Integrate All Social Media Buttons

Integrate All Social Media Buttons

Integrate All Social Media Buttons

First thing to get subscribers is to integrate various social media buttons. Especially Facebook and Twitter. You may have noticed button on the upper right hand side of the screen. If you are in blogger platform, you may visit the tutorial we published entitled All in One Social Media Share with Counter to Blogger.

To attract the attention of readers as soon as they land on the page, you need to adjust the size of these buttons. They must not be too small or too large, medium size is enough. You may also use different icon designs that will be perfectly blended with your blog design. Here are some of our social media icon collections:

If visitors are coming directly to your blog then you also have to integrate a small application named “Subscribe My Blog”. People can give their name and email address and subscribe your blog there only. You may also add Facebook subscribe button to Blogger to increase your Facebook subscribers.

However what you will do if subscribers are not coming directly to your blog. Solution is in the next point.

Facebook Optimization to increase Blog Subscribers

Facebook Optimization

Facebook Optimization

You have to make best use of Facebook. First thing to capitalize is Facebook Fan Page. It’s either you will add Facebook fan page like box to your blog or you will make a powerful squeeze Facebook fan page. People can read your Fan Page and land directly to your blog and there they can subscribe it. You may also want to consider organizing competitions in Facebook pageto increase your Facebook fans.

Next would be Facebook applications. There are many Facebook applications that can help you to reach out to an audience which is untapped. You can create innovative applications also.

You can also post videos regarding the topic of your blog. Multimedia helps you to get more comments from the facebook audiences. Their response is very useful to further improve your blog. In your videos tell them to visit your blog and get subscribed.

Facebook ads also allow you to reach out to millions of people who do not know about your blog. If you can reach out to them then you can easily get more than 1000 subscribers in 7 days.

Lastly, visit our previous post on how to use Facebook as a great source for traffic to increase your blog subscribers.

Twitter Optimization to increase Blog Subscribers

Twitter Optimization

Twitter Optimization

Next one is Twitter, as we all know Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging site. Be sure to check our first this essential guide to twitterso that you will be equipped as you go along using these techniques. You can tweet every day whenever you post a new article. You can mention the title of your blog post and give a link to the blog.

People will reach your blog and after reading some posts there they may subscribe it. You have to build followers who are related to the topic of your blog. Building twitter followers will also increase your blog subscribers so you must know some strategies to build more targeted Twitter followers. They are on Twitter to find solutions to their problems and they might find it on your blog.

One thing that you to keep in mind is the Twitter profile. Upload your image and write an eye catching profile.  Do not forget your Twitter background since there are some reasons why Twitter background is really important. If you do not know where to get free Twitter background designs, browse these lists of gallery to download free Twitter background. People will surely read your small description before they read your tweets.

So tweet regularly and try to get as many as followers. Twitter is an important part of blogging since there are many important ways Twitter can market your website.

Lastly, visit our previous post on how to generate high quality traffic using Twitter to increase your twitter followers and convert it to blog subscribers.

Google+ Optimization to increase Blog Subscribers

Google+ Optimization

Google+ Optimization

Google+ is very new in social media world. However you cannot underestimate the power of Google+ tool. There are some reasons why we can’t afford to lose Google+ strategy. You can organize people in a particular network or a circle. You can share your blog updates with people present in that network.

Google+ “Hangout” feature allows you to chat directly to your readers, it always helps you to remain in touch with them. You can spread a word about your blog more effectively. Know this tips and tricks for using Google Plus to have more ideas on how to use it effectively.

Keep creating networks or circles of friends and invite them to your blog. Lastly I would say, always integrate or add Facebook, Twitter and Google + button on the home page of your blog. Use one of these 20 fresh free Google+ icons or 20 stylish Google+ icons for your blog.

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In concluding remarks I would only say that you can easily get 1000 blog subscribers for your blog in just 7 days. In this blog I gave you 3 simple ways.

First one is through Facebook, second is Twitter and third is Google+. You can use these tools to bring more traffic to your blog and tell readers to subscribe your blog.

So integrate their button in your blog’s home page at the upper right hand side of the screen. Design these buttons carefully to get maximum attention.

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