If you are one of those Facebook addicts who spend more time on Facebook than doing any other tasks, then you may be one of those who always see funny pictures in Facebook. Just to admit the fact, I’m one of those Facebook addicts and one of my favorite categories of funny images in Facebook is the funny animal pictures. Those funny pictures always complete my day. In fact, it is a good stress reliever.

Once these images have been shared by anyone, then many people especially their friends and friends by their friends shared it too. On that case, the images become viral on Facebook. Funny animal pictures like what you will see in this collection is one of the most shared contents on Facebook.

Here’s a collection of funny animal pictures with caption shared by thousands of people on Facebook that will surely make you pee your pants. Take a look at this carefully handpicked collection and get ready your stomach.

If you want to relieve your stress, forget your problems for a few minutes or just want to let these funny pictures to complete your day, then take a look at these funny images one by one and examine carefully. Get ready to laugh.

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Where is the mouse they were talking about?

Poor little kittens, they took the word “mouse” seriously. They might still look for the mouse up to this moment so in case these kittens go to your computers, please help them find the mouse. Where is the mouse they were talking about?

Blogging is not easy. It really isn’t.

Did you know that this dog is one of the most famous professional bloggers? Investigate your dogs and have a full background check, he/she might be a blogger too.
Blogging is not easy. It really isn't

Being a guest blogger isn’t easy too.

Done checking the background profile of your dogs? If you found out that he’s not a blogger who have his own blog then maybe he loves being a guest blogger. Check him again.
Being a guest blogger isn't easy too

Hey Baby, wanna go for a ride?

If this dog ask you for a ride then make you sure you answer quickly because if not, he will say his favorite sentence, “Come on we don’t have all day and I have lots of girls to date”
Hey Baby, wanna go for a ride?

It’s Time For Revenge… I’ll Attack Aggressively!

This cat uses that sniper skill to chase and hunt mouse and rats. Oh, you’re dogs are wanted too so don’t forget to let them wear their armor.
It's Time For Revenge... I'll Attack Aggressively

Where’s the birthday celebrant?

These dogs are really tired of waiting for the birthday celebrant to arrive and at the same time, they excited to sing “Happy Birthday”. Oh, excited to bark I mean. By the way, they attended the party for the sake of free dog foods.
Where's the birthday celebrant?

I got very drunk last night and still feel like the same today

I got drunk last night with my friends. I have never really drank properly before. My friend tricked me into drinking a straight vodka shot and I was like choking like Edward Scissorhands.
I got very drunk last night and still feel like the same today

Can my new friend come in? Please?

And the owner replied, “Of course my lovely doggie, your friend can come in and stay as long as he/she wants.”
Can my new friend come in? Please?

Funny Animal Pictures: Like a boss

This hard working dog earns more money than you. If you’re looking for more workers, you will surely consider him because of his skills.
Like a boss

The last image of my friend

Do you know what happened next? The cat in the middle fell down and the two other cats bring him to the hospital but he’s dead on arrival. Really sad. But that’s a joke.
The last image of my friend

I am going to screw you up if you come any closer

This cat already took the military program and ready to ambush and attack this dog. Poor dog, he thought his troop got his back. Now, he was cornered by the ninja cat.
I am going to screw you up if you come any closer

We are pancake monsters and we want syrup!

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Mountains, the pancake monsters took a picture of them to ask the public for a syrup. Would you be nice to give them one?
We are pancake monsters and we want syrup

Are you sure you don’t want me to drive? ‘Cause you’re driving too slow.

Suddenly, the driver asks the dog about the bone. And the dog answered, “Bone? What bone? I am just sitting here like you asked me to. But I’m planning to drive.”
Are you sure you don't want me to drive? 'Cause you're driving too slow

Who’s the next challenger?

This hamster really loves to play virtua fighter. But he’s also great in playing Tekken and Street Fighter. And he loves Metal Slug too.
Who's the next challenger?

Crap! My evil twin is back!

The cat was shocked when he saw his tween. He really thought that he left his twin in the Moscow and can never come back but he just realized that he didn’t get the passport.
Crap! My evil twin is back!

Owners said Meow, he understand my language.

Actually, He’s really shocked the time he heard the owner said Meow and he realized that the owner understand his language. Apparently, this cat knows ours too.
Owners said Meow, he understand my language

The real reason why you’re late for work.

Are you wondering why you’re late for work? Here’s the evidence showing that the cats love to tweak the time of your wall clock. It’s really a serious thing.
The real reason why you're late for work

Albert Einstein after the Experimentation.

The history kept this secret that Einstein wanted to be the next Super-Man. He made several equations and potions but it transformed him into a cat. But that’s a joke again. I do love the great Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein after the Experimentation

I’m pregnant and here’s the egg. What’ll we do?

“I don’t believe it”, said by the male monkey. “Why did you put the baby inside the balloon and call it egg. You’re out of your mind.”
I'm pregnant and here's the egg. What'll we do?

Funny Animal Pictures: Say Cheese!

This is my dream. I wanna be a Hollywood star and this is my break. Come on and let’s take that shot and make me the cat next door.
Say Cheese

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