Minimal business card designs became one of the hottest trend in modern business card design lately because of its simplistic approach yet could give the impression of stylish and luxurious design that serves as an effective way of leaving a good impression to your clients. This kind of business card, minimalism, usually depicts purity and cleanliness. The big advantage of minimal designs is that, it is flexible enough in a way that it is suitable for everyone, whatever his job. Even though we might have different opinion on what minimal business card is, the term “simplicity” will always be our common denominator.

Having a creative business card design will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Besides, business card is your second identity especially when meeting new prospective clients. Creating a business card is a tricky art that’s why you must always equipped with creative and brand new ideas that will be the future role model of modern design. Like these creative design geniuses, you must conquer the limitation of your thinking abilities. On that way, your mind will be able to create fascinating visuals that will convert to creative ideas. Innovative brains will leave. This information are part of the things that every business card should have. In the upper right portion, I included the information stated in the front side of the card to make this side more branded a mark in the history through exceptional innovations.

If you think you have the talent and skills to manipulate everything using your mind to create such designs, then you just need few more steps to achieve the top. Just always feed your mind with lots of creative ideas so that it will become healthy and can think as good as it can be. Look for design compilations that will serve as your inspirations. Looking at other’s work will create new ideas that will pop up in your mind.

Here’s a free minimal business card template to start attracting customers.

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Free Minimal Business Card Design PSD

We don’t have an inspiration dose for today but I’m sure you will like this post as we will give a business card template to all of you for free. This business card design is a combination of yellow and black color only with thin fonts. Perfect to those who prefer simple designs. Download now this minimal business card design and express your creativity through minimalism.
Minimal Business Card Design PSD for Free
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Free Minimal Business Card (Front)

Free Minimal Business Card (Front)
The front side of this business card is pretty simple, obviously. I used only two colors which are yellow and black and we will maintain this combination at the back of this page to strengthen the branding. In this side, you can add something general about you or your business. In the example below, I used designrshub as the title of my business as well as the tagline “design . inspiration . resources” that serves as the business description or simply mission. You can add your own business name and tagline here.

Free Minimal Business Card (Back)

Free Minimal Business Card (Back)
As I have stated a while ago, I maintained the color combination which is yellow and black for branding purposes. In this side of the card, you could input all of the possible ways to contact you. Information like address (Optional and not recommended), personal contact number (mobile phone), portfolio website or blog address as well as social media accounts such as Facebook account, Twitter account and google+ account.

Above the footer in the left you will see the place where you can input your main identity. It includes your name, email address and job position. These information are part of the things that every business card should have. In the upper right portion, I included the information stated in the front side of the card to make this side more branded.

Download Minimal Business Card Design Template

If you are interested to have a copy of the file, download it now. Else, you may find other templates on our exclusive freebies section that may attract your taste. However, we always hope that every free template we will be releasing will meet your expectation from us. Hopefully, this free minimal business card template will be part of that vision.

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