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Company business card serves many purposes. Some people use it as an effective marketing tool while others use it as a personal handheld tool. Just like in the concept of designing, business cards have so many faces, designs. Every passing year in the internet world brings new creative ideas in modern business card design.

There are QR code designs, augmented reality business card, rounded corner business card, fast printing, and more. That means the form of business card is changing. Even the purpose too. As time goes by along with the great development of technology, you must keep updated will all the changes in your field. This will hold your skills and abilities to keep in the taste of the crowd.

As I always try to do here in designrshub, I’m bringing you another business card template for free. This creative business card is designed as a company business card dedicated to different people of interest such as businessman, internet marketers, finance gurus, real estate broker or real estate agent, company employee and more to have a uniform business card design.

It is a dark business card design which is creative and somewhat purposeful because it composed of important parts such as the name of individual, name of business, phone number, email address, web page address, job title of individual, tagline or description of the business, and company logo to do the job effectively.

By the way, the logo used in this business card design is a free logo PSD template made by Shabopiee. Going back to the topic, I’m just trying to say that no matter how great the business card design, it is useless if there is a missing part. This free business card template is part of our exclusive freebies collection which composed of different templates such as business cards, greeting cards, wallpapers, Facebook timeline covers and more.

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Preview of Free Company Business Card PSD Template

Company business cardis a free business card template in PSD format designed for you to have a creative business card which you can present to your clients, friends and to everyone. This free PSD template is available for download exclusively only here.

Free Company Business Card PSD Template

Free Company Business Card PSD Template

Free Company Business Card PSD Template (Front)

The front card is composed of crucial information such as the name, position in the company, contact number, email address and URL or website address. The company logo could be placed in the center as illustrated in the example below or any area you want to keep the company branding alive.

Free Company Business Card PSD Template (Front)

Free Company Business Card PSD Template (Front)