There’s so much knowledge and information about web development and web designing that a ‘rookie’ web designer needs to know before he shall call himself or herself a “web developer”. Things like, what should the website be about, how it should look, who shall be its audience or frequent visitor, what software programs should be used in order to encapsulate the whole vibe of the site and a lot more. Including the very font you use. Yes, fonts can make or break a website. Have you ever seen a website using “Comic Sans” as its primary font? I bet you haven’t. Or even the kind of chair you’re reclining. This will be your throne for a very long time, as you begin to conquer the world, the World Wide Web that is.

If there’s a golden ‘reminder’ in web development it may perhaps be: “Visitors SCAN, they do not Read”. Sadly this is true. On average, a common user would spend at least 10-30 seconds on a page. So you might want to blow them away and sweep them off their feet right there and then. Remember these guide for developing and planning a good website especially these guidelines for designing a professional web design and these 4 simple things when designing your web-page: choose well the overall look of the website, its accessibility and effective navigation system, efficient linking (both internal and external), and relevant content.. And one last thing, a good web developer should have a wild imagination, not the naughty-wild, but the creative kind of wild. We want the best feedback from our readers and visitors don’t we, so let’s not be frugal on providing them the best.

Here’s a more detailed information I would like to share to all web design aficionados out there, 4 simple things to remember in web development:

1. Use the Color Wheel Properly and as Creatively as you Can.

Use the Color Wheel Properly and as Creatively as you Can.
Do you believe in the words, “Colors express what the heart and mind cannot”? Well you have believe it, because according to experts, color invoke human emotion. As web developers, we want to evoke as much emotions as we can, and the longer they stay on your page, the more traffic you can produce to your website. Different colors have different representations and characterization. For instance, red and orange are commonly used for websites that sell toy products for kids and teenagers. For more information, visit this article entitled 6 colors every designer should use and their purpose.

While earth tones such as green and blue are normally reserved for sites that promote environment welfare and even for most government web pages.

There’s only so much color the human eye can handle, so choose wisely the color palette, we do not want to ward off audience now, do we?

2. Accessibility and Easy Navigation Helps You and the Reader.

Accessibility and Easy Navigation Helps You and the Reader
Easy access within and outside the website is crucial. Because first and foremost it allows traffic in and out of the page. Having features such as search bars, “Back to Top” buttons, ‘Shortcut’ buttons, and even that icon which tails you around as you explore the site is as important. For you to have a better navigation, you may want to read these tips for designing the best navigation bar. There are some navigation features that verges on annoying and end up pissing someone off so always keep in mind to keep it minimal and at a certain degree. More often than not, visitors are in a hurry, and what other way to cater to their urgent needs, is an urgent access feature. Pop-ups are a mortal sin. So don’t even think about putting pop-up links in your content.

Images and videos play an equally important role in attracting visitors to your website. Useful tips include, formatting them into a slide-show. Your audience doesn’t have ‘forever’ to spend in browsing through photos. As for videos, provide a familiar video/flash player such as YouTube.

3. Effective Links and Efficient Linking

Effective Links and Efficient Linking
Web development does not only pertain to the mere design of websites, in other words, there’s so much more to web designing. For one, link building. Linking is one of the most effective ways of promoting good traffic into your website. Both internal and external link building at that matter. This is the reason why web designers should outsource their SEO. Internal linking allows users to navigate from one page to another within your website. This would now let search engine giants to also see each and every page your website has. This is the reason why you should know the importance of link building for SEO. While external link building promotes fame and popularity for your page. Yes, your website might be on the number one rank if and only if you build successful links with other websites. Which of course must be relevant to your content. For more tips, read these 8 latest SEO tips for webmasters from Google.

One strategy in link building is building links in a not-so-literal kind of way. Meaning, making friends and connections with famous websites. However, this is not always the case, because being too much of a “link promoter” might end you up in the ‘SPAMMER’ list. And that’s the last list we ever want to end up in. Another classic way of promoting links is taking advantage of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. You might get 1000 subscribers for your blog in 7 days by means of using social media. Although you really have to be very keen on promoting your website, manually. Again, there’s a lot more to web development.

4. “Content is EVERYTHING”

Content is Everything
Your website is just not about being “physically” pleasing to the eyes, but it should also be mentally stimulating. As the famous line would go, “Content is king”. And true enough, that the articles found in your website must be as refined, smart and as competitive as a royalty. To make it that way, read these tips on writing winning articles first. Keep the content fresh, up-to-date, current, creative, and informative. For what good is a website if it does not measure to the quality. Remember, QUALITY and not quantity. You may also want to read these essential tips for writing effective blog posts.

Content duplication is a big no-no in writing, for it messes up keyword search in the web. Readers are in your site for a purpose and you should not let them down by giving them cliched or overused information. Therefore, keep them relevant, that’s the key people! Also drop in some two or three lines that will tickle the funny-bone. A little sense of humor wouldn’t hurt.

Finally, hire a web developer who is knowledgeable with using various kinds of software programs. Before putting up a website, he or she must already know how it looks inside and out. One best way to prepare is to brainstorm, a lot. Time, effort, sweat and blood must all be invested if you want to be on top. Remember these four simple things, color, easy navigation, link building and content. And watch your website grow. Pretty much soon you’ll be known as one of the best web developer in the world.

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