Global Warming is undoubtedly one of the most important topics of current times since it is affecting many parts of the world. Natural disasters or sometimes it is actually “Unnatural Disasters” serves as a constant reminder for the humanity that we need to act against it, right now.  Some people may not believe but it’s already happening since our home (earth) showing many signs worldwide climate change. Glaciers are rapidly melting because the rate of warming is increasing, coral reefs suffered the most because of changes in water temperature and so on, these are some of the signs that Global Warming is really happening.

Do we need to blame humanity? Partly yes since the human activities are the primary cause of this massive calamity especially we are comfortably numb and unresponsive to this global social issue but instead of blaming each other, let’s consume our time in solving, planning and acting to prevent any major tragedy in the future.

This is not yet the end of the world, there is much we can do to protect the economic well-being of both current and future generations from the consequences that we may face. We are all residents of this land therefore the responsibilities lies on each one of us to protect our home. Our home is at a crossroads thus we need to walk with each other to right direction. Regardless of who you are, where you from, or who you with but the most important is we unite as one.

To contribute the part of graphic designers in helping to unite each one of us, they are in the continuous process in producing creative designs every day to spread the global warming awareness to every human live in this world. Print advertisement is one of the most used techniques in spreading the news thus they used this form of advertising to make people aware on what’s happening right now.

Today, we collected the 25 Creative Advertisements to Fight Global Warming that will open your eyes that it is important to act right now and do not waste more time. On that way, we can be a responsive citizen to play our part towards this issue. Let’s save our Planet!

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1. Global Warming

Global warming: who will be here to see the consequences?

Global Warming

2. Danger From Water

The sea level is increasing. We are all in danger. Do something against global warming. Do it now.

Danger From Water

3. Fluorescent Freecard

Switch off the light one more time on March 28th between 20:30 and 21:30! Let this be your vote against global warming.

Fluorescent Freecard

4. Bianco Footwear

Please stop Global Warming.

Bianco Footwear

5. Act Now

Young Global Leaders Earth Love Movement Foundation: Act now

Act Now

6. Greenpeace: Global warming

Global warming will affect us all. Greenpeace

Greenpeace: Global warming

7. Pizza & Love: Fight for the Amazonas

Fight for the last slice Pizza & Love. We make pizza not global warming 100% organic ingredients

Pizza & Love: Fight for the Amazonas

8. WWF: Baby

Consuming the Earth is consuming our future.

WWF: Baby

9. Legambiente: Global Warming

Is your worrying global enough? Face the problem before it’s too late.

Legambiente: Global Warming

10. WWF: Fish

Stop climate change before it changes you.

Stop climate change before it changes you

11. Global Warming Awareness: Earth

Global warming. If we don’t act now, the future looks blue.

Global Warming Awareness: Earth

12. Easy: Fear of dark

Reduce Global warming. Save Electricity.

Easy: Fear of dark

13. Greenpeace: Bangkok

Help stop global warming before it’s too late.

Greenpeace: Bangkok

14. Climate Focus Polar Fruits: Mango

Stop global warming.

Climate Focus Polar Fruits: Mango

15. WWF: Ice

If the ice falls, we all fall.

WWF: Ice

16. WWF: Helseanki

WWF: Helseanki

By 2050 many of the worlds cities may be under water.

17. Greenpeace Greece: Air conditioner

Save energy, save the planet from your own home.

Greenpeace Greece: Air conditioner

18. Glacier Society: Face

For the indigenous people of the Arctic, there is a very thin line between life and death.

Glacier Society: Face

19. Help Stop Global Warming Ad

One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution.

Help Stop Global Warming Ad

20. Global Warming PSA – Time

We are running out of time… Act now before it’s too late.

Global Warming PSA - Time

21. Stop It Now

STOP Global Warming… better late than never.

Stop It Now

22. Global Warming – Evolution

Help Stop Global Warming.

Global Warming - Evolution

23. Greenpeace I Climate change

Act now against Global Warming..

Greenpeace I Climate change

24. Anti Global Warming Campaign 2

Anti Global Warming – How much time did you burn from our future?

Anti Global Warming Campaign 2

25. Fight Global Warming Poster

Let’s fight Global Warming.

Fight Global Warming Poster

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