When designing for the web, it’s crucial to not forget any important web design elements that will complete the overall design of a certain website whatever its theme or niche. These web elements serve as the building blocks of all website design. Elements like good visual design as well as the user interface that are considered as the foundation of a good functional website.

Graphic user interface (GUI) elements such as web badges, ribbons, buttons, icons, menus, calendars, video players and so on are really important in refining the design of your website. Since creating a website can be compared to an endless process of planning, conceptualization and designing, being equipped with these simple things must not be underestimated.

In the latter part of conceptualization, web designers find the role of these web elements very crucial.  This becomes noticeable and prevalent elements that have become part of this culture of design. As you go along through the process of web designing, these small things could contribute a lot to make your design better.

Here is a collection of on/off PSD that will let you create high quality works without spending much time. These toggles and switches PSD templates is the best way to replace the old style and boring design of checkboxes. Say no more to boring checkbox and use these web design elements to make your website design more beautiful.

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1. On/Off Switches and Toggles (PSD)

A set of on and off switch and toggle made by premiumpixels as a nice replacement to a checkbox available in red and green color palette.
On/Off Switches and Toggles (PSD)
Download Page

2. Creamy GUI PSD Switches

A minimal creamy on and off graphic user interface purely made up of vector. It means that you could scale it in any size without losing quality.
Creamy GUI PSD Switches
Download Page

3. Sweet Little On/Off Switches

A simple and sweet user interface design of on and off switches. Download the PSD and customize the color to match your web design.
Sweet Little On/Off Switches
Download Page

4. Light GUI Switches PSD

A set of light graphic user interface switches design perfect for any application designs including some with tick and cross versions.
Light GUI Switches PSD
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5. Simple ON and OFF Button Switch

A simple on and off button switch design perfect as a replacement in boring default checkboxes to improve the overall look of your website.
Simple ON and OFF Button Switch
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6. Slick On/Off Switch Free PSD File

A slick design of on and off switch inspired by IOS on/off available in four different versions: Round metal knobs, round plastic knobs, square metal knobs and square plastic knobs.
Slick On/Off Switch Free PSD File
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7. Toggle Switch Variations

A toggle switch design in different versions that will enhance the look and feel of your website design. Download the PSD file now.
Toggle Switch Variations
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8. Green Pack Series: Switches

An easy to edit PSD template of on and off switch available in three different type of switches.
Green Pack Series: Switches
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9. Dark Toggle Switch PSD

The first dark version of toggle switch here in our collection. PSD file is included so you don’t need to worry about customization.
Dark Toggle Switch PSD
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10. More Dark Switches PSD Templates

Another set of dark switches in three different types of real looking button that you can use in your next project for free.
More Dark Switches PSD Templates
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11. On/Off PSD Switches

Another on/off PSD switch with light indicator in the right side. Green light indicates on and red light indicates off.
On/Off PSD Switches
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12. Chrome Sliders and Toggles

A set of graphic user interface composed of beautiful sliders and detailed on and off toggles with great design.
Chrome Sliders and Toggles
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13. Light UI Toggle Switch

This set of user interface is composed of on/off switches and a loader. The file is made up of vector and available in PSD file.
Light UI Toggle Switch
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14. Free GUI Switches

A light set of vector on and off switch with tick and cross shape serves as an indicator. Download the PSD file to customize the UI.
Free GUI Switches
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15. Free PSD Switch Button

A real looking switch button that can be used as an icon, illustration and button as well as a user interface to any web and mobile design.
Free PSD Switch Button
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