Let’s face it, technology is progressing as quickly as time flies by. Technological advancements in recent years have shocked the industry time after time, with constant releases that blow our minds away. Since the internet has become a major part and asset of almost every professional contractor or company business out there, it is extremely important that each and every one of us stays up to date with new technology releases, as these can affect our work for the good or bad. One recent major development, that most people have probably heard of, is the so called “cloud”, revolutionizing the way we use our computers.

Cloud computing has been changing the internet we have long known. A lot of users all across the spectrum are discovering new ways to make use of the cloud, in order to make their own work ultimately much easier. Whether involved in programming, business or any other online service, cloud computing is strongly being adapted into new forms of communication. One dominant field that has been largely contributed by the cloud is web design.

Web design is a very big online industry, rolling in millions of dollars yearly. Thousands of professional web designers exist, each offering their services and each competing over each and every client. In order to be able to gain superiority over their competitors, web designers are currently looking for new ways to make their work easier and faster, thereby also increasing workload and income.

In the web design field, many cloud application already exist, aiming at making project collaboration possible, report progress that is made live by communication with clients in a virtual way, and the option to progress work from any available internet terminal. The option to have access to all of the necessary tools which web designers need from any place around the globe, ensures work load and rate.

Here are a few cloud applications, considered to be the best applications for professional web designers.

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Codeanywhere – Online Code Editor

This application allows any web developer to make code for CSS, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and even android by a simple browser! This very light code editor makes it practically possible for the developers to continue work from any place that has internet access.
Codeanywhere Cloud Application

Jumpchart – Simple Website Planning and Wireframing

Jumpchart provides professional web designers the complete package for web design project planning. It gives the web designer the option to plant the website content and site map, thereby making the work much faster!
Jumpchart Cloud Application

Pixlr – Photo Editor Online

Pixlr is a web alternative to Photoshop. Being completely free, it looks just like a desktop app and is very versatile. Finally, photo editing will not be a problem for web developers away from their office.
Pixlr Cloud Application

Firebug – Tool for Web Development

Firebug make it possible to debug CSS and HTML in a browser, plus comes with extra features that make it possible for site activity and usage analysis.
Firebug Cloud Application

Adobe Kuler – Browse and Create Color Themes

Kuler is the perfect solution when it comes to harmonizing colors on a website. It is a web-hosted application that lets user generate their own color themes that can inspire any design project.
Kuler Cloud Application

Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen

Typetester assists with font problem in the website. It compares different fonts in one screen to make the life of web designer easier.
Typetester Cloud Application

Draftboard – Collaboration tool made for designers

This application makes it possible for online collaboration between professional website designer and helps clients to check progress of projects.
Draftboard Cloud Application

Browsershots – Check Browser Compatibility

Browsershots gives web designers the opportunity to preview websites from a few browsers in one shot. It gives many eyes to designers to see the flaws of their design in different screen size.
Browsershots Cloud Application

Dropbox – Simplify your life

Dropbox allows web designer to ultimately save work for retrieval. It is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.
Dropbox Cloud Application

Snipplr – Social Snippet Repository

For any web designer interested in storing and sharing their own codes, snipplr is their perfect solution. It gives the option to share and store their portions of code for future reuse.
Snipplr Cloud Application

One Final Thought

At the end of the day, cloud applications for web designers can really change the way one works and leaves impressions to clients. Now that you know the major applications available, shoot out and download the ones you need, they’re waiting for you!

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