Business card itself plays an integral role in achieving the success of individual and business. It is being widely used both by corporates as well as individuals who want to promote themselves in different ways. But the journey of the business card won’t forever end on its concepts and designs because it must undergo in the process of printing to make it efficient. Thus, the importance of choosing the best business card printing company must not be underestimated. Some treat this transaction as a “print and run”, nothing more. If that’s the case, well you only see the tip of the iceberg.

But if you are one of those people who are willing to dive just to make sure you will see the 98% hidden part of the iceberg, you are reading the right article.There are lots of online printing services across the web and the same with choosing the best printing company, these tips will also work for you.

If you are searching for the right business card printing company, here are some tips you need to keep an eye on. Take note, this will not only specifically about choosing the best printing company for your business cards but also to your other print templates such as brochures, flyers, invitations and so on. So you really must take note of this.

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Tips on Choosing Business Card Printing Company

Price: Affordable vs. Expensive

Frankly speaking, if you are in the business arena the first thing that you will take into consideration is the concern for the price. Not all company who offer expensive price have a very high quality output, affordable prices too. In this case, you must have a background check how this specific company performs in the past few years. If you want the best for your customer, you go to the company who offer the best output regardless of the price. But the price must still reasonable. The background check I am talking about is the review of the prior customers about the features and services. They knew it more than you know.

Never choose cheap printing services but go for the affordable and reliable one. Go for the companies that offer great services and who will treat you as a partner, not as a customer. The only way to know if the price is worth it, you must see first the sample of their final output. It is really importance because it serves as your basis for choices.

Quality of work

The price and the quality of work will go hand on hand since they depend on each other. The appearance of your printed document will leave an impression to the clients. Thus, it is really important to have a high quality output in hand. Some company depend their price on the quality of their works. Ask some sample of printed output so that you will have an idea how “high quality” is their high quality.

Determine your needs

Yes, you need a print out of your business card designs but what are the additional things you will need in the future? Are you planning to have a bulk order? Are you looking for a long time partnership? This may not only specifically about business card but other print templates such as brochures and flyers so you must consider those things. Well, it seems that you need to have another list so do it now. You will need it as you go along with your review about the products and services these companies offer.

Search for Integrity

This is the time to visit every company you listed. So, how you feel? Is their interface poorly designed? It really matters because it reflects on their outputs. You act now as the investigator as if you are looking for any evidences you need. If you need to use a magnifying glass or other equipment just to make sure they are all clear, then do it.

Choose Trustworthy Companies

What about reading some reviews and critiques? Some testimonials and recommendations will help you to know whether their past customers are satisfied or not. On that way, you will have an idea how they perform and if they are being trusted by the customers. You might find yourself disappointed or happy depend on what you will know. Do as much research as you can. It may seem time costly but it will be worthwhile in the long term.


You must know if the delivery have additional price or not. Some companies offer a low margin with their shipping and free deliveries for large scale orders. Are their delivery charge is reliable and realistic? Do they offer international shipping? How long will it take to receive the products? This will cut your expenses and as a result, a higher profit margin. So you must keep your one eye on it.

Promoting green services

It is really important to choose a company that practices Eco-friendly printing services. This will give a very strong impression to your customers that you care not only to your business but also to mother earth. God will have a good will to your good doings.

Make a short list.

Using some search engines like Google will be easiest way for you to list down all the printing companies available. Referrals you can get from your friends are additional points for you. If you are really serious with your business and you will consume a lot of money, you will not say that this is just a waste of time. It’s better to have clues than to go to the quest without having anything. It will also easy for you to choose whether anyone on these lists suitable to your needs.

One Final Thought

As a piece of an advice, you must really carefully choose whom you are partnering with. Consider choosing the best printing company just like in any form of business partnership. If you will have a harmonious relationship with this company, you will easily generate a long time partnership that is profitable and beneficial to your business. Consider those things above as it will give you a clear mind and will enlighten you when you’re in the darkness of decision making.

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