MGID is a traffic exchange system helping millions of bloggers and website owners to grow their traffic for free. It is a news and product portal considered as the one of the world’s largest news and product advertising networks generating more than 650,000 visitors daily. Some people may find it spam and others may find it very useful.

This traffic exchange system works like a charm especially if you are in the first year of building your blog. Meaning, this is really helpful when you are just getting started establishing your blog or website. That is the time when you are struggling for traffic, looking for more visitors and establishing a reader base.

For newbies, traffic is one of the most precious virtual things that they may get in their blogging career. This is the reason why they keep on developing new ways on how to drive traffic to their blog.Because of this eagerness, or we may call it dedication, some bloggers tried different ways such as doing some search engine optimization techniques or making their blog SEO-friendly, conducting keyword research, social bookmarking, guest blogging and other ways on how to gain traffic.

Those ways on how to drive traffic will consume a lot of time. But others are not willing to do that long term way, thus, they are looking for the short cut or the easiest way on how to drive traffic without doing a lot of complicated things. That lead them in using MGID traffic exchange.

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How MGID works?

MGID works very simple. You will add a news widget in your blog and they will display related posts made by other bloggers. Similarly, they will display your posts on other blogs and websites who have MGID installed on their blog.

The more people click on your MGID widget, the more visitors you will get. But the bright side is, they will give 100-150% more. Meaning, if there are 1000 people click on your widget, you will receive 1000-1500 visitors to your website.

Google Adsense and MGID Compatibility

Google Adsense and MGID Compatibility

Google Adsense and MGID Compatibility

I once asked myself if using MGID news widget violates any policy of Google Adsense. Because of that fear, I tried to research and look for people who are using MGID and Adsense at the same time. Some people say that it is compatible and some are not. To make it sure, I sent a question to MGID support and here is a short reply from them.

As for Adsense – you can be dead sure that using our MGID news widget doesn’t violate any Adsense rules.

Our exchange program is not a paid-to-click program. The site owners do not need to visit any links. The visitors just read news they like and they don’t get paid for it.

We are not engaged in sending unwanted emails. We send the offers personally only to sites that have good and valuable content. Our widgets don’t redirect visitors without their knowledge or consent. People just click the news that attracted their attention on their own.

Thus, our program doesn’t break Google AdSense TOS and can be used together with Google AdSense.

If honestly, we simply couldn’t hold on this market if our service would against Google rules.

Personally, I really don’t know if they are just selling the service to me or those words are true. So, I suggest you conduct your own research before using MGID.

How to install MGID widget in Blogger

If your decision is to add MGID widget to your blog, here is a tutorial on how to install MGID traffic Exchange widget in your blogger blogs.

  1. Go to MGID news widget page and create an account by making a news widget.
  2. Answer the required questions such as the Name, E-Mail, Site URL, number of columns and rows, then choose at least four categories to be displayed in your news widget.
  3. Answer the confirmation code and hit “Order”.
  4. Your widget registration will be processed and once you successfully approved by MGID, someone from their team will send you a message with a direct link containing the working code of your widget.

When you look at the code, you will see something like this:

<br />&lt;!-- MGID News Widget Start --&gt;<br />&lt;div id="MarketGid1111" class="news-block-magick"&gt;&lt;center&gt;&lt;a href="" target="_blank"&gt;Loading...&lt;/a&gt;<br />&lt;/center&gt;&lt;/div&gt;<br />&lt;script type="text/javascript"&gt;<br />var MarketGidDate = new Date();<br />document.write('&lt;scr'+'ipt type="text/javascript" '<br />+'src="<br />com.1111.js?t='+MarketGidDate.getYear()+MarketGidDate.getMonth()<br />+MarketGidDate.getDay()+MarketGidDate.getHours()<br />+ '" charset="utf-8" &gt;&lt;/scr'+'ipt&gt;');<br />&lt;/script&gt;<br />&lt;!-- MGID News Widget End --&gt;<br />

Note: Don’t try to use the code above to make your very own MGID news widget to your blog or website because it won’t work. This code is provided for demonstration purposes only.

  1. Now, go to Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
  2. Click on the box at top right that says “Expand Widget Templates”
  3. Paste the code from line1 to line3 where you want to display your MGID news widget.
  4. Go to this page: Encode/Decode HTML Entities Tool and paste the code from line4 to line12. Then, hit encode. Copy or save it in the notepad.
  5. Paste the converted code in green you saved in the notepad above </body>
  6. Save the template.

One Final Thought

Now that you added MGID news widget to your blogspot blogs, you may see a little bit of increased in your traffic. Remember, the more people click on your MGID widget, the more visitors you will get. If you have any questions or having trouble installing the widget in your blog, just drop the message in the comment box. That’s all for now.
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