Blogging is an entertaining job where you can have fun while working. However to achieve that level where you can make enough money while having fun, you have to work hard and smartly. You do not reach that level easily without any effort.

The main hurdle that you might have to overcome before you start making money is to get ideas on a daily basis. You have to write unique blog posts on a daily basis. For this inspiration is must, so the question is from where you can get inspirations on a regular basis.

According to my experience the best way to get an uninterrupted inspiration or an idea is from Social media. The reason is simple, you get to know people from a diverse background. Some of them are professionals in their field. Therefore you can learn many things from them and write blog posts daily.

Social media is a really reliable and easy way to get ideas. Hence let’s look these social media platforms in detail.

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The first social media platform to get ideas is Facebook. In Facebook you come to know many school day’s friends. However, we are not here to make friends because we want to know about people who are closely related to the topic of your blog.
It is quite often that you find people on Facebook who are promoting their business or websites. You can invite them to become your friend. You can also share more information about their business and future plans.

Later on you can add them to your friends list and follow their day to day activities. You can easily get new ideas for your blog posts. Build your post around these ideas and communicate with your readers. Keep searching for new friends.


Twitter in itself is a great social media platform where you can get inspirations for your blog. But let me first clarify the main difference between Facebook and Twitter.

In Facebook you find old friends however with twitter you make new friends. On Twitter there are thousands of professionals who tweet about their work on a daily basis. You can start following them and create a list.

Tweets basically gives you an idea that how you are going to build your future blog posts. You can directly follow or stay in touch with people who are closely related to your interests.

Remember Twitter is very instant and you do not have to waste time because information is fresh and real. You get to know what is coming out directly from experts in the industry.


If you are not into the world of Facebook or Twitter then YouTube can come very handy. As we all know everyone like to watch videos on YouTube. They are fun and very entertaining. But you can also get inspired by videos to write a new blog post.

You can find videos on YouTube that relates to the niche of your blog. You can watch latest videos or most popular videos and make a note, what a video is all about? You can easily build a blog post of 400 to 500 words around that video.

Moreover never forget to read comments below every video you watched. Comments can tell you what people are saying about a particular video. You can also quote these comments in your blog posts.

Online Forums

Online forums can also be a great way to get inspired for your new blog post. Here you can follow what is hot and trending right now. You can also take part in discussions and put forward your views on a particular topic.

You can visit other discussion boards also. After knowing what people are thinking about a topic, you can write blog posts without any difficulty.

Forums and discussion boards are the best way to know what is going inside the mind of an ordinary reader. Hence you can create blogs around their requirements.


In concluding remarks I would only say to become successful in blogging you need a continuous source of inspiration. In other words ideas which are unique for each blog post.

To get ideas I have suggested four social media platforms. First one is Facebook, second is twitter, third is YouTube and last one is online forums. So visit them and get ideas on a daily basis.

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