Digg is a social news website where people discover and share any kinds of content from all over the world. Its main concept is to let people share what he/she wants and give other people a privileged to vote his/her stories up or down. This is also known as digging and burying. If you have a blog and are looking for a good source of traffic then Digg is what you are looking for. If there are many people digg your post, the dugg post will be exposed in a larger number of diggers until it reach the homepage of this social news website. If you reach the top place of the homepage then expect a lot of traffic to your blog or website. This is one of the reasons why people especially bloggers and website owners love this website.

Today’s another exclusive freebie is a business card PSD template inspired by one of the best social news websites, Digg. This digg business card is part of our collection entitled best social media inspired business card designs. If you’re a big fan of Digg, a freelancer who dedicates your work to it, and even a simple social media enthusiast, this business card PSD is perfect for you.

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Preview of Digg Business Card

Preview of Free Business Card PSD Template Inspired by Digg

Free Digg Business Card Template (Front)

The front page of this free business cardis a simple and minimal blue design which uses the Digg logo to make a pattern-like background.
Free Digg Business Card Template (Front)

Free Digg Business Card Template (Back)

The back page of this free business cardis as simple yet elegant as the front page where you can input all the information you want to share to everyone.
Free Digg Business Card Template (Back)

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