4 Mistakes to Avoid in Creating Infographic Designs


So you want to join the league of people dabbling in infographic design and take advantage of what infographics can give you. Where do you start? Do you want to do it yourself or do you want someone else to do the actual work? Whatever point you decide to begin, or whatever stand you want to take, there are certain things that you must be aware of.

Just like with any other activity, infographic design can be the best thing that you engage in. Or, if you are not careful, you can suffer failure. There is no denying the benefits that infographics bring, but there is also no going around the fact that there are some common mistakes that infographic designers make.

The good news is that if you are aware of these mistakes, you can make the best infographics that will bring you the results that you want. Let’s take a look at some infographic design mistakes that you should be aware of and should avoid.

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No clear goals

No clear goals

Everyone’s making infographics. Let’s make some of our own, and watch the traffic grow! There is totally nothing wrong with that way of thinking, but you have to make sure that you have a clear goal before you even sit down to think of topics for your infographics.

More than merely thinking “let’s do it because everyone else is doing so”, I suggest that you actually think about what you want to achieve with infographic design. Sure, traffic is the ultimate goal, but how do you want to achieve that? What audience are you targetting? How do you want people to discover and share your infographics? List down all the possible targets you can think of, as well as the ways you want to achieve them. Make sure you know your destination before heading out.

Color overload

Color overload

Infographics are all about colors, aren’t they? Well, not really. Sure, color schemes that catch the eye are preferrable, but some of the best infographics have really basic color schemes. One thing you really ought to avoid is to overwhelm viewers with all sorts of colors – not to mention colors that do not match each other.

You might have the best layout and content to present, but with clashing colors (or too many colors), you just might ruin everything.

Font confusion

Font confusion

What goes for colors goes for fonts as well. Infographic design is awesome because you can do whatever you want – to a certain degree. However, if you do not do things with your audience in mind, you will defeat your purpose. Go easy on the number of different fonts that you use!

Lack in organization

Lack in organization

Just because you do not have to create coherent passages one after, it does not mean that you should not pay to the organization and flow of thought in your infographic. I always think of infographics as a marriage of text, images, and other visual tools. At the end of the day, you are still presenting information, and when it comes to that, organization is of paramount importance.

Before you go to the drawing board – literally – do take a few moments to make sure that you are off to a good start.

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