If you want to increase your website profits right now then the way to do this is not to try and bring more people to your site. While this will work, it won’t raise your profits today because it will take too long for the changes to have any effect. If its immediate results you’re looking for then, the answer is to try and increase the CTR of your advertising – by changing the placement of your ads and getting a higher percentage of people to click on them as a result you can start to generate more profit from the same amount of visitors.

To this end moving your adverts to the best possible location is a smart move. Here we will look at how to go about doing that with a series of ad placement tips that will ensure that your every commercial is placed in the optimum position.

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The F-Zone

The F-Zone
The F-Zone might well sound like a computer game, but in fact it refers to an area on the screen that is highly optimum for ad placement. To visualize the F zone, simply imagine a giant F covering your screen – so that the second arm goes across the middle of the screen. This is reportedly how most of us scan a website for the first time with our yes – looking down the left hand side first, and then scanning our eyes across the top of the screen and then again across the middle.

Where Do People Click?

Where Do People Click
You should also think about where people generally tend to click as these are the hotspots for your adverts. People are used to navigating websites in certain ways and that generally means clicking the links down the left or along the top in order to navigate around a site. If you place your adverts in either of these positions then there’s a chance people will click them as though they were menu options. Likewise you can also place your adverts just near where your links actually are. By putting your ads next to your menu for instance then some people will likely click them when trying to navigate.

Do be very careful about ‘tricking’ your visitors into clicking ads however – not only is this frowned upon by Google, but it’s also a quick way to upset your visitors and to reduce your chances of repeat custom.

Don’t Add Too Many Advertisements

Don’t Add Too Many Advertisements
You could be forgiven for assuming that more ads = more money. However this is very much not the case as what you have to remember is that your advertizers are bidding for your ad spots and people are only likely to click one ad at a time. In other words, if you have more ads then some of those adverts will be worth less so that each click earns you not as much. And if you have more than one ad then your visitors who might’ve clicked the high-paying ad may end up clicking the low paying one instead dropping your average CPC.

Meanwhile you also want to consider again how Google feels about sites crammed with ads – and note that they are now penalizing those sites that have more than three adverts above the ‘fold’ (the bottom of the screen).

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