What do you do with the extra hours in your week? You might not have many, but you’re sure to have at least a little bit of downtime. Instead spacing out in front of the TV, why not try something a little more productive? Something that will make you earn while enjoying your free time is somewhat interesting. Anyone, yes anyone, can become a part-time freelance writer. If you’ve never considered it before, or if you have but were scared to start, here’s why you should do it now.
Why You Should Begin Freelance Writing Part-Time?

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You Need the Extra Money

One of the best reasons to put in the effort to do some freelance writing is that you’ll be rewarded for your efforts in cash. If you aren’t, you shouldn’t bother. Especially in today’s economy, no one can turn down the opportunity to increase their income. Part-time freelancing will give you the ability to do that on your own terms. Your earning potential will be commensurate with the extra time and effort you spend writing, and you can enjoy a little extra financial security.

You Can’t Risk Full-Time Freelancing Just Yet

If it’s your goal to do freelance writing for a living, you’re probably scared to take the leap of faith and quit your job to pursue self-employment. It’s a very smart decision to hang onto stable employment, especially when your success with freelance writing isn’t guaranteed no matter how good of a writer you are. By freelancing just part-time, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to test the waters and see how things go. You can gain experience and gradually work up to full-time without assuming too much risk or losing your benefits.

People Want to Hear What You Have to Say

Freelance writing isn’t just for the creative “writer types” who have a passion for crafting stories and articles. Freelance writing is for all types of professionals. If you have a particular skill or a lot of experience with just about anything, you have the knowledge required to write about it. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, or contractor, there are people out there who will highly value your professional opinion. In fact, experienced professionals often find more success with freelance writing because they have a defined niche and can add a lot of value to it by writing about it.

It Will Boost Your Resume

In the long run, freelance writing can be great for your career, even if you don’t become a very successful writer. When you have some of your work published, it will boost your credibility in your industry. Including your published work on your resume can only help you appeal to employers. No matter what your career field, building a resume with related writing experience is a plus.

You Should Pursue Your Passions

Even if you have a professional skill, you might not necessarily want to spend more time writing about it. You might just be a “writer type” who has an internal drive to put words on paper. If you have a passion for writing, you should pursue it. If writing is something you really enjoy and makes you feel fulfilled, then part-time freelance writing is an excellent way for you to realize your dreams. You should never ignore your creative passions, so go for it.

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