Google+ business page became available to customers late in 2011. Since then, business owners have been weighing the pros and cons of jumping on this new social network. People are curious about how Google+ can affect their marketing strategy. Is Google+ page will be better compare to Facebook page? Is setting up and maintaining a Google+ page really worth your time and commitment? This article offers a few factors to consider when making your decision.

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Pros and Cons of Having a Google+ Business Page

Pro: Google+ Business Page is Easy to Set Up and Use

You don’t have to be an experienced web designer or programmer to set up a decent-looking Google+ page. Once you have your page up and running, it’s easy to add updates and information so your visitors can quickly tell what your company has been up to.

Pro: Circles

Google+ business pages offer the “circle” concept. That means you may have different circles, or groupings, of different types of people interested in your page. You might, for instance, have one circle for current clients and one circle for prospects, or one circle for people who are looking for the best mousetrap and another circle for people who want to repel larger animals, such as deer. Having circles allows you to tailor the information you send to each group.

Pro: Million Users

Million people are Google users. Although not all of these people have tuned into Google+ yet, this number means you have a huge base of potential clients. It may be worth setting up a Google+ business page now to get in on the ground floor of a platform that has the potential to be larger than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Pro: Increase Your Company’s Visibility and Branding

It’s an old saying among celebrities that any publicity is good publicity. When people see your name and brand in several different places, they are likely to remember you and turn to you if they have a pest control problem.

Con: No Contests or Giveaways Allowed

Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ forbids contests and giveaways. Getting around this rule, though, is fairly easy. Just set up your contest on Facebook and post the URL on your Google+ page. Mission accomplished.

Con: No Vanity URL

When you set up an account with Google+, you get a long, messy URL. There is no way to customize this URL to your particular company. The best you can do is use some of the online programs that cropped up after the advent of Twitter to shorten the URL and make it, if not relevant, then at least easier to remember.

Con: No Integration with Other Social Networks

Many article and blog sites allow you to automatically post your updates to Twitter and Facebook, but those interfaces do not yet include Google+. For now, you have to go into your Google+ account and do all of your updates manually.

Pro/Con: Google+ Is Still in Its Infancy

Google+ for businesses is less than a year old. That means it doesn’t have the following of some of the larger social network programs. It also means that many of the kinks have not yet been worked out.

One Final Thought

There are no guarantees that Google+ will become an important player in social networking for businesses. However, there are also no guarantees that it won’t become a star. Even if you choose not to create a page now, keep a close eye on this new platform. It definitely has the potential to go viral.

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