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Want to know where you can get all your files at one place? It’s file search engine aka General-Files ( There are files for everyone in General Files. Now that people prefer everything over the web and downloading becomes unlimited and free, General Files has brought to you files ranging from e-books to music, movies to TV shows and softwares to games. General File’s project is a part of General World network whose other websites are General Video, Torrents, etc. At General Files we support both file sharing services and direct links. We understand the boom that downloading has witnessed and to keep ourselves ahead in competition we have files ready for your downloading.

Various Files

From 3D models to PDF versions of a vast range of e-books ranging from cookery to classics, fictions to photography from the most stylish of fonts, graphics and images to icons, you will get a wide variety files only at General Files. So why go anywhere else?

Movies and TV Show

Visiting CD libraries are so back-dated. People prefer to download movies and tv shows nowadays. It gives them the license to watch and enjoy their favorite serials and films whenever they want. Keeping that in mind we have a wide range of movies.

From classics like Ben-Hur to the Oscar winning The Artist we have what you look for. From Big Bang Theory to Friends we have seasons of your favorite TV shows ready at your disposal. Download your favorite files today and watch them at your leisure.


Want to play games? Why not check out our game segment. From Counter Strike to FIFA, from Max Payne to Medal of Honor we have games that you look out for so hungrily.

Download Now

Download them and play them. Download your favorite softwares, templates, fashion tips and magazines and 3D models all from General downloader also known as free rapidshare downloader. You can also download the files with detailed descriptions by search box using so called free file directory with such a huge collection at our disposal we are miles ahead of many other websites. Ensuring fast downloads and unbroken files for your satisfaction are our prime concern and hence General Files is your ultimate destiny for files that you need. Visit our website today and start downloading from the dictionary of files.
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