SEO techniquesare evolving on daily basis. If you are not updated on daily basis then as a webmaster you will be left behind. So you always have to stay in touch with the changes that are happening on day to day basis. To know the latest updates what better source would be other than Google itself?

Yes! To know most recent developments in SEO techniques the best place to go is Google. It is because they are experts in search engine business. Here I present you most recent 8 simple and easy to implement SEO tips that are coming right from Google.

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8 Latest SEO Tips for Webmasters from Google

Avoid SEO Honey Traps

The first tip would be to avoid so-called SEO gurus which are selling SEO tricks on the Internet. They are not just waste of time but also waste of your money. They will guarantee you that their program will help your site to rank high on the search engines but in reality those tricks are obsolete.

Therefore try to stick on basic or fundamental tasks that can help you to rank high on Google for longer time. Such basic tasks are given below. So keep following.

Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the basics of any SEO learning process. Hence try to collect or jot down all the relevant keywords pertaining to your blog or website. Collect all possible keywords that may relate to your business in an Excel sheet.

In other words put yourself in the shoe of visitors who are typing keywords in the Google search engine. If your keyword list matches with visitor’s keyword then you can always rank high on Google.

Google Plus & Bookmarks

If you have some great blog posts or story on your website then you must share with other people on the Internet. If a blog post or an article goes viral then it can help in spreading links, which every search engine bot likes very much.

You need stories which are interesting, helpful, fun and entertaining. People will not just love it but also forward it to their friends, helping in widening your link network.

Meta Tags & Site Structure

Meta tags and site structure is very important and every search engine bot is going to crawl your sitemap. So always wisely create Meta tags for your entire website and individual web pages too. It must reflect the topic and content of your blog or website.

Rich snippets markup from will really going to improve site structure of your website. According to Google, navigation of your website should be very sleek and intuitive.

Perform Team Work

Now this tip is for website owners who need a team of professional software engineers to maintain their website. In a team, members can work for different departments. Like a group of engineers can work for design and another group can work for coding or testing.

Hence all the groups in a team must be aligned to achieve a common goal. It will help you to focus on just one simple task, in this case achieving great SEO results.

Email Forwarding

This tip is straight from Google.

As a blogger you must sign up for email forwarding in Webmasters tools. This will help Google to communicate with you in a much better way. Google will immediately inform you if something goes wrong with your website. So never ignore this simple yet efficient SEO tip from Google.

Wrong Assessment

Take this as an advice rather than a tip.

Never over-estimate your website or blog just because you think that it should ranked No 1. You are never going to be No 1 unless and until your blog really solves problem of your readers.

In other words it must be helpful to the searchers. Google search engine will rank high only when people at large are benefitting from your website.

Off Course! Fresh Content

Last but not the least is same old tip, creating fresh and original content. Actually this should have been mentioned in the first point. But again I must tell you, every other tips and techniques are irrelevant unless and until your content is good enough.

Hence create good content in large quantity because Google search engine bot always prefers content which is fresh and authentic.


In conclusion I would say follow these latest 8 SEO tips right from the Google. Here are they one by one.

  1. Avoid SEO Honey Traps
  2. Relevant Keywords
  3. Google Plus & Bookmarks
  4. Meta Tags & Site Structure
  5. Perform Team Work
  6. Email Forwarding
  7. Wrong Assessment
  8. Fresh Content
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