If you are starting an online business, you are obviously not alone. There are many people trying to make money online today. However, the vast majority of them fail. If you are serious about earning a full time living online, here are 6 must read tips you need to follow. Using these helpful tips, you can start your online business in the right path to avoid early conflicts and failures. Learn how to start a profitable online business and win the competition.

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6 Useful Tips For Starting a Profitable Online Business

Do Proper Niche Research

Picking the right niche is crucial for making money, whether it be offline or online. Many internet marketers make the mistake of choosing the wrong niche, simply because they think a product or service will sell. You want to make sure of this before you risk your time and money.

In order to pick the best niche, you should first think about what you are interested in. This is important so that you can establish your expertise in the marketplace. Many marketers try to go into niches they know nothing about, and they end up failing miserably because of it.

After you have a list of niches you are interested one, you then want to pick the best one. The way to do this is to choose the one with the top keywords. To find this out, make sure the terms have plenty of searches, and that there is a lot of competition as well.

Many marketers make the mistake of avoiding competition. However, if there are no competitors in a marketplace, it probably means there is no money to be had. Instead, when you see other advertisers, you know the niche has profit potential. Now all you have to do is beat them somehow.

Spy Out The Competition

Once you have picked a niche you know about and that has competition, now your job is to beat them out. To achieve this, you should look at their websites and see what benefits and features they are all mentioning. Once you find this out, at this point you can then mention those same things in your own advertising.

Develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Of course, it is not enough to merely copy the competition. Instead, you want to beat them. The way to do this is to develop a USP. There are many ways you could differentiate yourself, whether it be through offering a lower price, a better guarantee, etc. As long as you do something to make yourself stand out, you will make money.

Develop a Prospect List

There is a stat that says that most people take roughly 4-7 contacts before they will buy from you. The only way to stay in contact with them this many times is to get their contact information so you can keep marketing to them. The best way to achieve this is to get their name and email address. This way, you can keep after them to convince them to buy the product.

Segment The List

A crucial mistake many marketers make is keeping the customers and prospects on the same list. They need to be separate. After all, the prospects have not bought from you yet, whereas the customers have. Therefore, you need to be making them both different offers. You need to be selling the prospects on your initial product, while attempting to sell backend products to the customers.

Develop A Good Backend

The way to keep making money from customers is to have a good backend system. This is what separates the good from the great marketers. Otherwise, you will have to keep going out and finding new customers, which is much more difficult than selling to people who already know and trust you.


The best way to make money online is to first find a good niche using the criteria listed, and then beat the competition by developing a good USP. As long as you follow these 6 tips, you should start making money shortly.

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