Twitter is the 2nd most popular social media networks in existence. Housing a massive number of 100 million active users on a monthly basis, there is no wonder why Twitter has been used as an effective marketing toolfor any online business present. A lot of brands and marketers alike have already realized the great potential that Twitter have and how it can be really helpful for engaging with their audience.

It is through Twitter’s low cost, nearly immediate results and a viral effect which makes it a preferred marketing tool by the many, from individuals to small business owners to huge companies and even celebrities. However, the main problem whenever someone tries to get into Twitter is how he could be able to gain his own targeted Twitter following. This has also been the main issue of several small business startups who are planning to establish their own Twitter presence and struggled hard to gather an adequate amount of Twitter followers.

Truth is, it’s not really hard to gain a massive following if you enjoin yourself in several unethical activities which could include following and unfollowing Twitter users just to get the audience you want. But this method only proves to be a total waste of time especially if you are aiming for quality followers which have an interest for your brand. So if you are looking forward to building an adequate amount of targeted Twitter following, here are 3 effective and surefire strategies that will surely lend you a hand.

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3 Strategies to Build More Targeted Twitter Followers

1. Tweet contents which offer value for your audience

Your followers are always up to something new which offers value to them. And if you’ve find some interesting stuff or even content to share to them, this will surely spark an air of engagement between your business and clients as well. Also, don’t forget to share your media such as photos and videos as these have already been proven as an effective way of engaging to your audience. It might be in a form of your products and or services or perhaps some special events which could truly catch the attention of your audience.

You can also embed a link at the end of each content whenever necessary to provide your audience a passage towards even greater and more detailed information. This will make sure that you provide them with all the information they might need and even giving your site an immediate traffic as well.

2. Follow relevant people and brands

Twitter is somewhat like an “I follow, you follow” game in which you could be able to fetch yourself some following if you follow them as well. But before you begin this method, you have to first consider creating a prominent profile with all the necessary information filled up. Since most of the users will check out your profile before they could start following you, it will be necessary to pimp it up in the most engaging way possible. This would simply include your profile photo, a brief 160 character detailed bio and the location of your business as well.

How to find relevant people and brands to follow?
You can make use of third-party tools to help you start searching for relevant people and brands for your business. Among the most popular among them are Twellow (known for its clean interface) and WeFollow (for searching influencers). However, there are still a lot of tools to choose from aside from these two to help you look for relevant people to follow.

3. Engage with your audience

Twitter users who don’t open up conversations with other users are the ones which are less engaging and more likely, the ones which only has a few followers. Engaging with your audience in Twitter is a vital factor which you should learn to make use of. By checking out their current conversations and placing some relevant comments to fit in or perhaps retweeting some of their tweets, will open up doors of engagement between your business and that of your audience as well.

Also, engaging with others will surely increase the chances of your business to get an increased number of followers at the same time. Don’t forget to make use of hashtags whenever you wish to start and get involved with #chats.


Along with the right strategies, gaining a targeted Twitter following won’t really be that hard. Although the process could somewhat take time, it is best to always remember that you have to go for quality instead of quantity for your Twitter followers. And if done right, this will surely leverage your online business in the long run.

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