The success of a blog largely comes down to how much writing you do for it and how often. If you are uploading new articles every day without fail then guess what – your site is going to be a big success. On the other hand though, if you struggle to update your site regularly then there will be no content for Google to index, and there will be nothing to bring your visitors back for repeat visits. Surprise surprise, your site will suffer.

So the key to success really is determination, and to an extent, writing speed. You need to find time in your day to write as much as possible so that you might be able to keep updating your site, and you need to continue to keep updating your pages with new and unique content that people are going to want to read. Here’s how to do this.

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3 Simple Tips on How to Write More Articles in a Day

Carry Something With You

First of all, you should carry some kind of device with you that lets you type on the go. I have a small netbook and a great side satchel and I take them with me everywhere I go. Thus if my friend asks if I mind waiting while they go to the bank, or if I find myself on a train or bus, then I can get my laptop out and make some productive use of that time. Likewise I also carry my Galaxy Note around with me. It has a word processor installed on it and a larger keyboard (Writers’ Touch Type Keyboard) so I can quickly produce documents while standing in a queue to buy coffee, or even when I’m on the toilet. There’s not a time I can’t be writing.

But if I don’t have those items with me? Well then I can still use the time productively – by making phone calls or by tidying up. By completing other chores that need to get done I can ensure that I will have more time to write when I get home and as such I can ensure that I write more in total.

Make it Easy

You need to make it as easy as possible to upload new content to your website so that you can do it as quickly as you can write the articles. If you have to manually edit each page then you are going to put off updating your site because it will just take too long. I have gotten around this by writing a small PHP script that lets me quickly insert text into the framework for a new page on my site (I call this ‘WordZap’), but if you have a WordPress site then this will be taken care of for you.

Be Inspired

If you keep putting off writing then what is that mental block that’s stopping you from typing? Simple: it’s the fact that you patently just don’t want to write those articles. That in turn means that they probably aren’t all that inspiring and that you probably aren’t all that interested in the topic. Think though – if you can’t be interested enough to write the articles then who is going to want to read them? You need to get around this by writing articles that are genuinely interesting and entertaining. You’ll write more, and they’ll read more. Keep a note of any inspiration that comes to mind as you go about your day, ad create niches to suit your mood so you can write on the topics you love.

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