Apps don’t just exist to let us fling birds across a screen or see what our friends would look like if they’re fat. They do much more than that, functioning as tools for our everyday life. iPhone apps can boost our productivity in leaps and bounds when utilized properly.

No one needs apps to boost their productivity like web designers. Many web designers work as freelancers or for small companies, meaning that every second saved is that much more valuable. With these productivity apps, web designers can get the most productivity out of their time.

One thing to keep in mind is that as your reliance on your iPhone for work goes up, so does its value. You can protect your phone with apps so that thieves don’t get full access to it, but what about the loss on your end? Apps add a lot of value to your iPhone, and having it properly protected is a necessity if you want to use it for productivity.

With that said, here are five great productivity apps geared towards web designers. With these, you’ll find fonts, match colors, and more at a much a faster rate. In short, you’ll work a lot quicker.

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For web designers, fonts are an endless game of cat-and-mouse. Fonts fall in and out of style on a daily basis, and using the right font in graphics and throughout websites is imperative to sending the right message.

WhatTheFont addresses this need. It’s a free iPhone app meant to help designers find out what font is used. All an iPhone or iPod Touch user needs to do is photograph a font they find interesting, and let WhatTheFont take care of the rest. Its primary features are:

  • View results for a photographed font.
  • Email results to yourself or view them in your web browser.
  • Access to a thorough font identification service.

As an added perk, WhatTheFont can also analyze images you have saved in your phone. That means if you’re using the web and come across a piece of typography you really like, all you need to do is save it and locate it within the WhatTheFont app.

With a low price of zero dollars, WhatTheFont is a tool that any developer should keep in his or her arsenal.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas
Adobe has made strides towards bringing their design tools to the mobile space, and their Ideas app might be their finest effort yet. It’s a mobile sketchpad, similar to Photoshop but obviously a lot more compact. Some of its features include:

  • Layers for easy editing
  • Vector-based design tools
  • Different brushes and a massive virtual canvas

With a VGA adapter, Ideas can even be used on a full screen monitor. You no longer have to lug your MacBook around with you in order to get the design juices flowing during a trip. Just get out your iPhone and start working, then send it to yourself when you’re back at your notebook!

SEO Pro Lite

SEO Pro Lite
Design is only a part of the web traffic equation. You’ve put all this time into crafting a great website, now you want to make sure that people are visiting it. That’s where SEO Pro Lite comes in.

SEO Pro Lite lets you quickly view and track your site’s rankings and how it’s doing in the social spectrum, including Twitter. Just input your site’s URL and SEO Pro Lite gives you instant feedback. The app lets you track:

  • Page rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Twitter shares
  • And a number of other statistics.

If SEO is something you take serious, then SEO Pro Lite will make managing your efforts easier than ever. If you find that you like SEO Pro Lite, there is also a paid version, called SEO Pro, available for $0.99.


Palettes is used by web designers to quickly create color palettes. The app lets you create palettes from scratch, or create them from a number of sources including:

  • Photographs
  • Websites
  • Built-in color models

The app is handy for designers who need to quickly develop color schemes but want to remove some of the legwork from the process. Best of all, Palettes is available in multiple editions, including a free one. If you decide later on that you want to upgrade to Basic or Pro, you can do so from within the free app.


Never let your site’s content go stale again. The official WordPress app for iPhone lets you edit any page that’s power by WordPress. This includes making new posts as well as editing existing ones. On top of this, you can moderate any comments and do just about everything you can from your computer.


These tools are an excellent starting point for web designers and anyone who manages a website. Apps like Ideas and Palettes will let you create quickly, while others help you manage your website. No matter what your goal is, you can get it done quicker with your iPhone and these apps.

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