The process of SEO has been marred by the presence of traps and loopholes which can do irreversible damage to your business and to your reputation as well. The consequences of unwise use of SEO can be felt with immediate effects and long term ramifications too. Large number of novice in this field has ruined many businesses by promoting bad ideas at a rapid pace. It’s time that you watch out for such mishaps hampering your websites and your business interests as well.

In 2011, Google started bashing poor quality sites as a whole with Panda update. The situation was grim and affected many bloggers and marketers. Users can expect similar update in 2012, where Google has promised to bring an update to level the SEO field by punishing over optimized content.

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Top 5 Common Mistakes of SEO

While we discus ramifications of mistakes that are committed and how they can affect your business, we need to focus on the other aspects also.

1. Use of Cloaking

Use of Cloaking
This is one of the most terrible methods where you show two different types of content one for the users and the other intended for the crawlers. This method had been exploited by the spammers and they do not work any longer. Google can detect cloaking by unleashing bots from time to time, once detected they can ban your website.

2. Design

Designing of your website can have immense effect on your business endeavors. So it is advised to choose wisely while you set out to design your website. Use of Java script and Flash can have detrimental effects on your website, since java cannot be read by the search engine while Flash will not help your website rank high. The recent trend advice you to follow SEO aspects in the theme. In fact, Google is stressing fast browsing experience for user, which means you need to minimize the overall speed of your design to serve the content fast.

3. Three-way Link Exchange Trap

Three-way Link Exchange Trap
One the most outdated methods to ensure high rank for your website was to swap links. Today this method is no longer practiced by SEO to upgrade your position, when swapping is used properly by exchanging relevant links can improve your chances of getting noticed and boost your PR. Do not even fall in trap of ‘three way link exchange’. Google has become smart to trap three way link exchanges, link pyramid and link wheel structure. Always believe and follow Google guidelines. While some of the link exchange strategy still works, but it entirely depends on whom who link to.

4. Link Purchase

Link Purchase
Purchasing links from the subcontractors can be good idea to upgrade your rankings but it comes with a risk of its own. If not done with discretion you can end up losing. In Asia, Google has been trying to deal with this kind of SEO by regularly flagging the websites which indulge in link purchasing. In fact, Google has been found to be a culprit of indulging in link buying service. Recent fiasco also triggered a debate on effectiveness of buying the link. This also puts in question the content of Guest Post. There is a huge debate going on to differentiate between link buying and guest posting service. There is a thin line between this, but only Google knows how to interpret them.

5. Keyword

While this may seem exaggerated but use of wrong keywords can do irreversible damage to your website in no time at all. By the use of wring keyword or other tricks no longer works sine Google has the ability to detect all the illegitimate ways to increase your websites visibility. Your accountability and your reputation can be at stake if you try unauthorized methods to present your website, use of texts that are invisible can be detected immediately by Google which will force them to ban your website with immediate effect. We’re not talking about stuffing of more keywords in content which are invisible to normal users can be detected in no time. In 2012, Google promised to level out SEO playing field by banning Over-optimized SEO sites. Stay away from over optimizing your sites.

One Final Thought

Lastly, the only valid way to upgrade your ranking is by adopting legitimate methods such as White Hat Techniques, in case you need professional guidance they you can certainly look for SEO outsourcing who can do the best job for you and keep your business out of trouble.

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