Online marketing has become the backbone of business growth in present times. The people who are ‘actual and potential’ customers of any company are easily available and accessible through web platform. This is the reason that planning strong and ideal online marketing strategy has become very important. There are 7 major stages of online marketing, which every business firm should follow in order to get the brilliant benefits of this promotional technique. There are several stages lined up for online marketing by experts, which every business firm generally follows to have better results. Below are the 7 major stages of online marketing that will help you understand more about it.

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1. Lining up Corporate and Business-Unit Strategy

Lining up Corporate and Business-Unit Strategy
Here the term corporate strategy refers to the association among the different units of a business firm. On the basis of this interrelationship, this is decided that which divisions should be increased, reserved or traded. In order to meet-up the profit gain through marketing tactics, the role of Business-unit strategy becomes very important.

2. Analysis of Market Opportunity

Analysis of Market Opportunity
What kind of opportunities is available in the marketplace are very important to be considered. The business firms look for the data available on the web both online and offline, which informs them about the areas of prospects in that particular market.

3. Formation of suitable Marketing Strategy

Formation of suitable Marketing Strategy
The internet marketing strategy which is formulated after these two stages is the marketing and promotion scheme which is stimulated by corporate, business-unit and inclusive marketing scheme of that particular firm. In this online marketing strategy including both online and offline, the major elements of business marketing are adequately lined up and they mainly comprise of goals, resources, and alignment of actions as per that.

4. Scheming about the Buyer Involvement

Scheming about the Buyer Involvement
In order to grab the market opportunity in best ways it is very crucial to meet the expectations of customers via choosing right kind of online marketing tactics. The marketing strategy should be placed and implemented in such a manner that it should be in complete co-relation with customers’ expectations and firm’s offerings. A right and customer oriented strategy is key to success of business.

5. Laying down the Marketing Program

Laying down the Marketing Program
When we talk about the fifth stage of online marketing then we surely talk about the process of shifting the attention of target customers from responsiveness to pledge. The formation of Marketspace Matrix is the strategic plan to strengthen the image of brand in the minds of customers and linking them with this brand for long term. This is the reason that online marketing program is a long terms set of activities lines up for the making the potential customers interested in exploring and connecting with the particular products or services the company is offering.

6. Construct the customer Interface

Construct the customer Interface
In modern times where the marketplace has become a click away on the web browsers, the entire focus of marketing information exchange has shifted from face-to-face communication to the screen-to-face interaction. The importance of technological interface has become very vital here. The usage of such interfaces can be in form of computer, laptop, mobile device or WAP device etc. This is the reason that constructing a brilliant user interface is one of the most important stages of online marketing strategy making.

7. Evaluation of entire Marketing structure

Evaluation of entire Marketing structure
The final stage of online marketing explains assessment of the complete Internet marketing program. For this purpose it is essential to consider the establishment of adequate balance between customer and financial metrics. If the line of strategies and plans has impacted to the targeted groups exactly as expected then the entire marketing program is successful and ensures optimum usage of online resources.

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