Any business that has not embraced Twitter as a means of traffic generation and social connection is missing out on a great opportunity. There are not too many social platformsout there that so readily simulate a viral experience. Twitter is especially useful in that it forces participants to take a direct, creative approach to their tweeting. The users and spammers that do not are inevitably left behind the curve.

The power of twitter as a social marketing tool is undeniably very useful. If you build a high number of targeted followers then that means you build an army of traffic. You just need some techniques to attract loyal followers then the rest will do automatically. I’m talking about the “targeted followers”. Those people who follow you intentionally will surely want to hear more from you. Meaning, if you share something interesting, they will read it, click it and as a result, your traffic will increase. Imagine if you have thousands of targeted followers. You don’t need to do a lot of campaigns which sometimes not worth it.

Are you now interested? Then maybe you are starting to ask yourself on how to generate high quality traffic using twitter. Now, we will discuss some key points that you must know as you go along using this powerful tool. Read on for some techniques on how to get more twitter followers and convert it to blog traffic.

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Quality of your Twitter Profile.

Quality of your Twitter Profile
Your first considerations should be the quality of your profile and your username. Usernames are displayed in searches so it is important to choose something that is relevant to your business. Your profile should be a reflection of some of your interests and a bit about you as opposed to your business.

Avoid using sales speak in your profile.

Avoid using sales speak in your profile
Users will just view it as a spam account and tune it out. Twitter users are there to interact with other people. We do recommend using a couple relevant keywords in your profile to help searches connect. Amazingly, a majority of Twitter users do not provide a link to their website or blog in their profile. Be certain you do!

Build your own Community.

Build your own Community
Building a group of followers that will be interested in what you have to say takes some effort. Start by forwarding your Twitter account to your friends, business connections, and coworkers. Utilize Twitter’s search functions or external Twitter user directories to find more people interested in your discipline.

Organize your Contacts.

Organize your Contacts
There is a right and wrong way to go about building your contacts. Optimally, you want to keep a fairly balanced approach between numbers of Followers and people you Follow. Accounts that have a disproportionate number of Followers or people Followed are often attributed to marketing accounts without an actual person behind them. Twitter users that do not want to be subjected to constant streams of marketing material will gloss over these accounts rather than giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Socialize to your Community

Socialize to your Community
Driving traffic through Twitter comes down to actual socialization. A person that has a 1,000 followers is not going to be reading every tweet. It is best to think of a Twitter feed like a social event. There are bits and pieces of conversations going on that you can get involved with or contribute to but it’s impossible to be involved in all of them. Do not feel obligated to participate or comment on every tweet. With that knowledge in mind, your focus needs to be on separating yourself from the masses.

Participation is a must.

Participation is a must
That’s where socialization comes in. Read something interesting? Retweet it and comment on it! Take the time to send the tweeter a short message saying why you enjoyed their particular posting. Demonstrate that your account is driven by a human who takes notice of quality content and is willing to pass it on. Other users will respond positively and be more willing to pass along information from a social contact. A good rule of thumb is for every two of your own tweets, retweet three from your contacts.

Share relevant information.

Share relevant information
The content of your tweets should bear relevance to your particular niche. Keeping an audience requires regularly providing information to your followers. Avoid flooding them with pointless information and spam. Should a time come when you need to post an update to maintain consistency but cannot come up with anything; feel free to post a link to an article, blog, or website you found with useful information. Quality and consistency are your goals.

One Final Thought

Twitter can be a powerful tool for socialization when used correctly. Many users fail to really capitalize on what it has to offer because it does require regular attention. Building a quality base of followers and people followed can provide results similar to viral marketing for your content as it gets retweeted. Are you generating the kind of traffic you deserve with your Twitter account?

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