Google+ is one of the latest entrants in the field of social networking. With Facebook already enjoying a lion’s share in the social networking scene it seems a Herculean task for Google to dethrone the king and make an impact. Trials by many sites to imitate the success of Facebook has repeatedly failed and only a few sites like Orkut and MySpace have ever managed to reach our web browser’s address bar.

However the brand name ‘Google‘ has got its own magic and more than 20 million people have registered in Google+ within a month of release of its beta version. To make the best out of this remarkable social media network, here are some Google+ tips and tricks that you might not yet know.

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Tips and Tricks For Sharing Multimedia In Google+

Tips and Tricks For Sharing Multimedia In Google+

1. Adding to circles

By moving your mouse pointer over a person’s profile you will get a bigger profile picture with the option to add him/her to your circle. Hence there is no need to go to anyone’s profile to add him/her to your circle.

2. Adding effects to your Profile Picture

You can add effects to your profile picture like fading, aged and decorate it with speech bubbles, Focal pixels etc. For this all you need to click on ‘creative kit’ while uploading or editing your profile picture. Also you can make the photo turn to either left or right. You can share your entire albums if you want. Just click on Share album option in the pictures and select whom you want to share the album with.

3. Transfer Pictures from Facebook to Google+

You can share or transfer all your Facebook pictures to Google+. For this all you have to do is go to It is absolutely FREE and takes minimum amount of time.

4. Image and Video storage

You can store unlimited number of pictures and videos in Google+/ Picasa. However make sure that the pictures are not more than 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos are below 15 minutes otherwise it will be counted in your FREE Picasa storage allowance.

5. Selecting with whom you share your content

If you haven’t shared a picture initially and want to share then all you have to do is click on the Visible to you only (Edit) link which can be found on the top of the multimedia. Now you can select the people or circle you want to share the picture with. The same is also applicable for videos.

6. Renaming albums or circles

You can rename your albums or circles. All you need to do is go to circles or albums available in the main page. Then click on it and you will get the option to edit it or delete it.

Tips and Tricks For Sharing Content In Google+

Tips and Tricks For Sharing Content In Google+

1. Private Message

You can send a private message to your friend in Google+. Just create a post in your wall and share it with only one person- the person you want to share it with. That’s all. (No need for a separate messaging option here).

2. Disable Re-Share

While sharing post with circles having some common people, you can avoid re-sharing the content by selecting the ‘Disable Re-share’ option.

3. Post Permalink

You can get a permalink to your post by clicking on the drop down menu at the right of the post (It will look like a small triangle within a circle). You will get an option to get the link to the post. You can share this link with friends to go directly to your post.

4. Manipulating Post

You can edit, delete, disable comments and even lock your post in Google+. You can use the drop down menu at the right side of the post for the same.

5. Flag Picture Content

You can flag any picture content in Google+. You just need to click on Options just below the photo and click on Report photo. You will get various options on the basis on which you can flag the photo. The photo may be deleted later on after scrutiny by Google.

6. Styling Texts

You can format your posts in Google+. For making fonts bold all you have to do is enclose it within asterix- *your post*. Similarly some other formatting methods are: _your post_ (For italics), -your post- (For strikethrough).

One Final Thought

Google+ is based on the lines of other networking sites with one major difference- It is based on circles and hence can decide whom you want to share certain content with and whom not to include. Google+ has also got advanced and easier multimedia sharing capabilities which will make instant Google+ fans.

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