6 Colors Every Designer Should Use & Their Purpose
Color is an important part of our society. It tells us when to stop and when to go. It tells us we should slow down or when to take caution. Beyond those real situations, there are some more roles that a color plays especially in web and graphic design field. Colors can also be used to indicate specific meanings. With that in mind, here are the six basic colors you should use in your artistic arts. This post will also explain their purpose and how will it be effective.

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This was post was written by Sean Gallagher, a talented web designer, developer and athlete. He has been working in the web design and development for over 16 years.

1. Red – Action, Confidence, Courage, Vitality

Red - Action, Confidence, Courage, Vitality

Red, the color red can mean stop or look here or take notice. This is an effective color for making some takes action too. Use red to make someone look at something or to make a command to do something, such as a call to action.

2. Blue – Youth, Spirituality, Truth, Peace

Blue - Youth, Spirituality, Truth, Peace

Blue, this is a calming or peaceful color. Use blue to also indicate water, fluid or just a general calming or soothing. Blue can also be used to indicate something is cold. Blue is also one of the generally a favorite color for people so it can be used to identify with people.

3. Green – Life, Nature, Fertility, Well being

Life, Nature, Fertility, Well being

Green, use this color to give an earthly, healthy meaning. It can also be used to indicate plant life or eco friendly. For example a green promotional eco friendly bag would easily be understood it’s environmentally friendly.

4. Black – Death, Earth, Stability

Black - Death, Earth, Stability

Black, the use of this color should be to produce a general professional effect. When black and white are used as the only colors in an image they can make the image feel old but also professional or elegant.

5. White – Purity, Cleanliness

White - Purity, Cleanliness

White, this is an interesting color as it can be used to help product negative space. Other colors can be used to do that as well but white naturally and easily can be used to product a negative space effect. White can also be used to give the meaning of pure or clean. Think about it… If you see 2 men dressed in the same promotional tank top but one tank top is white and the other is puke green, which person would you be more inclined to ask a question to at a store in the mall?

6. Yellow – Wisdom, Joy, Happiness

Yellow - Wisdom, Joy, Happiness

Yellow, this color can be used to draw attention to something. Use this color on objects and text you want people to read first. Yellow is one of those colors, like red, that draws people in and can make them be more likely to do or take the action suggested when they are used as the color of text. Yellow can also be used to really make something stand out. For example if you have a yellow promotional stadium cup with a green logo, it’s going to get noticed!

One Final Thought

Well there you have it. Those are some colors you should use and know the meaning of. One word of advice on these colors is that colors and their meanings do change from culture to culture. For example one culture may thing of red as a color that stops but another may thing of it as a color that indicates “go”. So make sure you do some research on the culture you are communicating to with your work whether it is colors in a picture, a piece of artwork of just simply words.
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