Every business is interested in improving its efficiency, and social media management is often an area that unnecessarily eats the office hours of a business owner’s or employee’s time. Several new tools are available that will enable you to better manage your social media marketing efforts in a fraction of the time and more accurately gauge its effectiveness as well. Incredibly, all of these helpful tools are free.

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Buffer – A Smarter Way to Share on Social Media

Twitter users know that its effectiveness as a marketing tool depends upon the timing and frequency of a business’s tweets. Buffer is a tool that will help Twitter users to optimize its usefulness by strategically scheduling tweets in advance throughout the day to maximize the audience. It suggests the best times for your business to tweet as well as provides helpful analytics indicating which tweets have generated the most response in the form of clicks, retweets, and so on.

Image from ping.fm describing this social media tool:
Social Media Management Tools: Buffer

HootSuite – Social Media Dashboard for Teams using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin

HootSuite is a popular time-saving tool which allows you to post to Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus at one time. This social media dashboard, which is specialized for mobile devices as well as PCs, permits a team effort, in which multiple employees can coordinate their efforts. HootSuite’s analytics, in the form of customizable reports, are particularly helpful for businesses interested in monitoring the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts.

Image from HootSuite highlighting some of their features:
Social Media Management Tools: Hootsuite

Twitterfeed – Feed your blog to twitter

Twitterfeed enables businesses whose social media traffic is primarily generated by their blogs to automate the process of sending updates to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. This tool is intended to be used as a means of supplementing blog posts, but should not be used to provide the only content of your posts. Twitterfeed provides helpful analytics allowing you to follow the reaction to your posts in real-time.

Image from Twitterfeed showing the steps on how to get started:
Social Media Management Tools: Twitterfeed

Roost – Social Marketing Platform for Individual Professionals, Businesses, Consultants and Agencies

Facebook users can optimize its value by using Roost’s recommendations to create a structured week-long campaign aimed at engaging a business’s Facebook audience, all in less than an hour. Roost provides examples to get you started, allows you to adjust your start and end dates, and enables you to measure the success of the campaign by providing helpful analytics. Roost’s “scorecard” tracks data on your Facebook page to create a custom report showing your audience distribution and coverage, as well as providing helpful suggestions.

Image from Roost showing part of their interface:
Social Media Management Tools: Roost

Ping.fm – Update all of your social networks at once!

Business people on the go will immediately see the benefits of Ping.fm, which allows you to easily post updates to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms using a number of methods. You can use phone apps, text messages, or email to post updates, all without needing to be in the office.

Ping.fm, which allows its users to send updates across social media platforms, and also enables them to divide their social media networks into segments to target the updates to desired audiences. Twitterfeed retains the previous month’s posts so that you can determine easily and quickly whether you missed any topics that should be added.

Image from ping.fm describing this social media tool:
Social Media Management Tools: Ping.fm

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