Networking is an important aspect of any business. You generally give yourself a better chance at success when more people know you. The exposure that you gain by meeting people is what will give you an edge over others in the business world. Writing a guest post is like networking for bloggers. A guest post can expand your audience while giving yourself more exposure in the world of blogging. This extra exposure can also help out with SEO.

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1. Create Backlinks to Your Blog

Create Backlinks to Your Blog
The first reason why you guest posting helps out is because it allows you to create backlinks to your own blog. The first way you build backlinks is by linking to some of your own work that may relate to the post your are currently writing. Make sure you have permission before you do this though. It may be seen as too self-promotional in nature to link to your own work.

Another way to build backlinks to your site is by linking to your blog in your author’s bio. Most authors who write a guest post are allowed to put information about themselves somewhere in the post. It is usually at the bottom just after the end of the post.

These backlinks can be very valuable if you are posting on a blog that has a high pagerank. Having a link pointing to your work from a site that has a pagerank of nine is going to be a very good thing. This is because Google will see that an authoritative site is pointing back to your work. Google will typically conclude that your work must then be authoritative in nature.

2. Get Increased Traffic to Your Blog

Get Increased Traffic to Your Blog

Another direct advantage of guest posting for another blog is the spike in traffic that is created to your own blog. Increased traffic numbers are going to push you up the search engine rankings. This is because it is assumed that users are only going to flock to the sites that contain the best information.

This spike in traffic will generally come from those who enjoyed your post. Readers who enjoy your work are naturally going to be curious about your other work as well. Some readers may even become loyal followers of yours as well. Having a loyal readership allows you to post with more confidence because you know that people are going to read your work.

Another spike in traffic may come from social media messages regarding your post. People who read your work may decide to share a link on Twitter or Facebook. You never know when your post could potentially go viral.

3. Focusing On Keywords Could Increase Organic Traffic

Focusing On Keywords Could Increase Organic Traffic

It is important that you focus on the keywords being used in any given post. Knowing what keywords people are searching for can allow you to customize your content in an optimized manner.

Analyzing your keyword strings may cause you to find that you are unintentionally keyword stuffing. You may also be taking other actions that Google frowns upon without even realizing it. Don’t penalize your blog simply due to ignorance of the rules.

You may not be optimizing your content at all. Writing a guest post that does focus on SEO could open your eyes to the possibilities of SEO. Take advantage of your guest post to practice SEO tactics that can help you gain more traffic to your own blog.

One Final Thought

3 Reasons Why Guest Posting Can Help your SEO
Guest posting can be a great way to help out your own blog. The backlinks that you create are going to be invaluable in helping your blog rank higher in search results. New readers gaining exposure to your work are going to be happy to see a fresh point of view on the Internet.

Some of these new readers could lead you to bigger opportunities in the future. Lastly, your time writing for another blog can help you practice good SEO habits. This will undoubtedly help you with future postings to your own blog.

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