If you want to take your marketing strategies seriously, then you must not forget the unimaginable results that a brochure could contribute to your success. A brochure is commonly known as a booklet or pamphlet; a piece of amazingly-designed paper which contains summarized information. Aside from being one of the most powerful marketing tools to advertise products or services, it is also considered as one of the most effective information providing tools which help the entrepreneurial society to inform people about their desired information. We have listed a few reasons why brochure design is good for business. In short, it is designed and used to disseminate summarized information. Printed collateral such as brochures, flyer and business cards still have their power to rule the increasingly digital world.

Designing is quite hard especially for those who do not have the knowledge to manipulate images. Thus, brochure templates, whether it is free or premium, is undoubtedly a big help. You may also want to hire professional graphic designer to do the job for you.

If you are planning to create a beautiful brochure design, then this might not the post you must read now. But this will give you the tips that will serves as your guidelines in making an effective brochure designs.

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1. Know the size of the paper

Know the size of the paper
You would not probably start the designing process until such time you decided for the best paper size. It must be the first step you must do so that you won’t face any trouble later on. Imagine if you are done with the design yet you don’t choose the right paper size. You will need to tweak a little bit the design to fit with the size, thus, the time wastes. It may be common to you since every Photoshop tutorialsyou might read start from creating the document.

2. Sketch the layout

Sketch the layout
It is a good idea to start from sketching the layout in the paper so that the time you sit and face the computer, you will not stop looking at your monitor and thinking what to do. Professional Graphic designersdo this. It makes their work easier because the sketch helps them a lot in placing different design elements. The time is not wasted and the efficiency is increased.

3. Prepare the contents

Prepare the contents
Part of preparing your content is making it more clear and descriptive. Hitting the strait of the point may add value to your content. You may also use bullets, charts and graphs to support the effectiveness of the content. Do not forget to also focus on your heading as it will drive more readers that will turn out to customers. You may emphasize the header by changing its font size and style to pop out more with other texts.

4. Make your design unforgettable and worth keeping

Make your design unforgettable and worth keeping
Now we are talking. Before people read your content, the design of your brochure will grab their attention first. That’s why it is a must to make the best even from the start. By that time you started creating your design, it is expected that you already have the theme and concept. The design may also vary especially when you consider your branding. Don’t be afraid to play the design. You might discover something new.

5. Use Consistent Typefaces

Use Consistent Typefaces
Consistent typefaces cover the style, size and the property of your text. Be consistent and assigned size and style for different content such as the headlines, body text and captions. You might use 16pt in the headlines and 12pt for the blog post. You may also make the headlines bold. Also, don’t forget to use the standard font styles used in different papers as it is being tested by the eyes of the readers as a readable content.

6. Use stock images

Use stock imagesUnlike texts with images, full of text is sort of boring to read. Besides, it didn’t make you convinced the readers. Royalty free images can boost your article’s impact. Integrating related stock images to your content is somewhat a modern style to attract their eyeballs. If you are now thinking about the expense, then you might probably want to check out our previous post in 20 Most Wanted Free Stock Image Resource Site.

7. Perfection paralysis must be avoided

Perfection paralysis must be avoided
Don’t make perfection rule your creative thinking. People tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to creating contents together with its designs. Well, it may be good but too much is not. You may always come back later and revised it when you got more brilliant ideas. Do not let perfection paralyze the flow of your mind. As long as perfection doesn’t kill the core of your creativity, it may still be beneficial for you.

8. Content is more important than design

Content is more important than design
We are not saying that it’s okay not to focus with your brochure design and let your interest go to the content. These two will go hand in hand to make a perfect and effective brochure. It’s just like, focus more on the content but don’t forget the design. People won’t buy even read your brochure for free if the only beautiful in it is design only.

9. Don’t forget to proofread

Don't forget to proofread
Let’s assumed that you were done in designing your brochure and you are now ready for printing. You must not always forget that there is one more special and important process you need to do before printing the brochure and that is proofreading. Check all the details and information written on the brochure because one small error even a one letter can ruin it. You may have someone else or ask a colleague proofread your work or to read it too.

10. Use a quality printer

Use a quality printer
Brochure design printingis obviously the last step wherein you are now ready to make the printed collateral of your effort, time and other aspects. A poor printer may turn the quality of your brochure in to poor too. So no need to question why you must use quality printer or tested printing company as it will bring your soft copy design in to a real one, closer to the computer-based design.

One Final Thought about Effective Brochure Designs

The power of a beautiful brochure design may not be secret, thus, you must always strive hard to learn how to produce sort of a special weapon for your marketing strategy. With these tips bearing in your mind, you will be guided as you create and design your brochure.

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