Marketers that used to fascinate about Facebook marketing now need to seriously start considering Google+, not just for the sake of a better ranking search result. Facebook statistics reveal that it has 800 million active users. But think about how many web users are using google search? It’s literally billions of users a day! Suppose you are marketer, can you really afford to lose this insanely huge market? Of course NOT.

Google has been aggressively pushing its marketing service. In 2010, Google has teamed up with twitter making more content indexable as well as delivering more specially marked-up results for logged in users. Now, Google + has rolled out its biased search results for its business users that have put up content on the web. I’ll explain how it works in detail:

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Google+ is in the search result!

Google+ is in the search result
Google+ has taken the No. 1 spot for a lot of brand names and personal names. If A connects to B (B could be a brand name or a personal name) on Google+, when A types in B’s name, then B’s Google + profile outranks all the search result. It also shows the links B has chosen from Google+ showing where B is in other places (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter). What’s more interesting is that whenever A searches something that is relevant to the content that B has put on the web, Google+ pushes a higher ranking for B’s Google-plus-one-ed content. This will save you much effort compare to link building.

Google+ enables you to connect a much bigger network.

Google+ enables you to connect a much bigger network
Suppose right now you don’t have many people in your Google+ circle, then you’d better hook up to someone, let’s say C, that has thousands of followers. Then every time you share something, it will appear on those thousands people’s search result with a pretty awesome ranking. Google is really pushing this biased service as sometimes you may see the google-plus-one-ed content is showing among other organic results, even though they don’t include the searched key words.

The secret little box besides the search results

If you have your brand associated with, for example shoes or hen parties, whatever that is relevant to the things you are trying to promote. When users search of something that is relevant to ‘your something’, then on the right side of the screen, google will pop out a small box that shows the brands on Google+ and suggests the users to follow them. I am amazed by the power of Google+ as often the brands that appear in the small box are small brands or the brands I’ve never noticed/heard of.

One Final Thought

To all the marketers, if you are putting content on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, please put it on Google+ as well, otherwise you are really losing out in page ranking and getting your brand or yourself exposed to many google users. Also remember to keep updating your web page. I think in the long run, Google+ will be tacking spam and low quality websites. If you don’t keep your Google+ actively alive, or if you have many low quality links crammed in your website, you really need to carefully maintain your site.

As Google+ is pushing its marketing service and its Google+ users are hugely increasing, why not just pick it up and start making use of it. Along with mapping out your Facebook or other social network strategy, start considering your Google+ campaign strategy as well!

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