When it comes to social media, no one is denying the fact that Facebook has become the industry’s 800 lb. Gorilla. However, as you can see from the chart, that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore all other social media sites. Specifically, Twitter still provides a lot of appealing opportunities like generating high quality traffic using twitter.

Despite years of critics saying that it was never going to amount to anything, Twitter has continued to grow and improve its service. Whether you’ve been using Twitter but want to build a stronger presence or are just getting around to actually using this platform, there are some concrete strategies you can follow to get the most out of your 2012 tweeting:

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Don’t Obsess Over Following vs. Followers

Don't Obsess Over Following vs. Followers
Spending time worrying about the ratio between the number of people you’re following and how many people are following you is a lot like obsessing over weight. Someone can step on a scale 10 times a day, but that’s not going to bring them any closer to actually reaching their weight loss goal.

A common concern is that following significantly more people than follow you are going to make you look bad. In reality, attracting followers is something that happens organically over the course of time. As a result, you should follow people in your target demographic or those who you find interesting without worrying about whose following you back. This will allow you to get more out of using Twitter, and over time, will actually lead to you attracting more followers.

Share Interesting and Useful Information

Share Interesting and Useful Information
Although countless jokes have been made about Twitter being nothing more than a place to tell people that you just ate a bagel, a recent study from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, MIT and Georgia Tech found that personal tweets are actually one of the least popular types among Twitter users.

Instead, what people respond to best are tweets that contain a piece of interesting or useful information, along with a link to a longer post or article. By consistently sharing this type of information, you can establish yourself as a credible source that others want to follow.

Use Twitter Applications

Use Twitter Applications
When someone who doesn’t currently use Twitter visits Twitter.com, it’s common for them to have doubts about why this platform has become so popular. Although it may seem strange, the reason is that the actual website doesn’t necessarily provide the ideal experience for using this platform.

Instead, Twitter is much more powerful when it’s used via a desktop and/or mobile app. The apps are able to provide a much richer and more convenient Twitter experience. From easily managing contacts to scheduling tweets, quality apps have a long list of useful features. Since everyone has an opinion about which apps are best, it’s a good idea to try out a few and see which option(s) you like the best.

In addition to the official Twitter app, popular desktop and mobile options include HootSuite, TweetCaster, TwitBird, TweetDeck and Tweetie.

Are you planning to use Twitter a lot during 2012?

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