Music logo designs, whether it is a piano logo, guitar logo, or other instrument logo, is one of the most used type of logo designs in the industry.

Any musical instruments are being accepted by the whole nation because of the musical sounds it produces. There are many musical instruments exist, some are historical and some are modern. One of the most famous musical instrument of both past and present times in the world is piano, a shortened form of the word pianoforte.

This instrument is played by means of keyboard. Although this is expensive, the price doesn’t serves as a hindrance for music enthusiasts. The relaxing and refreshing sounds it brought in the ears of the listeners made them feel like they are in heaven. As if they are listening to the angels playing different musical instruments. The ambiance transform into a lovely place.

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Music Logo Designs: 15 Examples of Piano Logo Designs

Today’s collection of professional logo designs is inspired by Piano that will make your conceptual thinking skills arise. The concept, typography techniques, color variation and the rocking idea itself made this collection inspiring. These piano logo designs will surely make you say wow.

1. Drunchord Piano Logo Design

Drunchord, a combination of the words “drunk” and “chord”, is a music logo design that consists of piano and gourd which is an alcohol container.
Drunchord Piano Logo Design

2. Piano Lounge Logo Design

A logo design dedicated to cafe shop using the mug as the main object with a piano in its body to convey the message in a conceptual manner.
Piano Lounge Logo Design

3. Music to my Eyes Logo Design

Forming piano keys using the pencil-shaped is the mark of this design. This logo was made for a competition “Music to my eyes”.
Music to my Eyes Logo Design

4. City Piano Logo Design

Using the black keys on a keyboard, the logo came up with a city skyline. If this is the design of your piano, it won’t only let you simply learn music lessons but also an inspiring set up to learn.
City Piano Logo Design

5. Piano Logo Design

A piano logo which use piano musical instrument as the main object of the mark intended for a music store.
Piano Logo Design

6. Piano House Logo Design

The main idea of this logo design is based on a company called piano house where you can find musical instruments with a service of buy, sell, repair and give piano lessons.
Piano House Logo Design

7. Pure Lessons Logo Design

A conceptual logo design created for online video lessons of piano playing.
Pure Lessons Logo Design

8. Wiesinger Music Logo Design

A logo created for a piano service shop developed monogram using piano keys.
Wiesinger Music Logo Design

9. Brantley Piano Studio Logo Design

This is an example of a simple yet elegant logo design that used the black keyboard of the musical instrument piano.
Brantley Piano Studio Logo Design

10. Music Logo Design

The mark of this logo design is revolving around the letter “M” with a touch and look of piano keyboards to tell the viewers that it is intended for something related to piano.
Music Logo Design

11. Casino Royal / Casino Piano Logo

This is an example of plain white logo design for a karaoke bar that also used the piano keyboard which made the concept compelling.
Casino Royal / Casino Piano Logo

12. Love Piano Logo

A lovely logo for a music business and other related fields exist in this example. The combination of heart-shaped and piano keyboards make the concept a little bit better.
Love Piano Logo

13. New Music Theatre Logo Design

A little bit different approach for a piano logo design of a musical theatre is present in this concept. This logo is for a website that promotes Broadway-like music.
New Music Theatre Logo Design

14. Happy Whale Logo Design

I don’t really know for what is this logo but still the concept of piano is still there. Maybe this happy whale will teach you free piano music lessons.
Happy Whale Logo Design

15. Frederick Moyer Pianist Logo

A logo is a good way to promote your brand. A pianist named Frederick Moyer made a right choice to have his own logo related to his field.
Frederick Moyer Pianist Logo

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