Many businesses, small and large alike, use Twitter to market their products and services. However, many people haven’t still discovered the great effects Twitter can have on promoting business.

Any type of online business or blog absolutely needs to invest the time in utilizing Twitter.

With Twitter, you can give your website that edge it needs to get traffic.

The following 5 tips will help you become more efficient, productive, and successful on using Twitter for promoting your online business.

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Tip #1: Be clear about your purpose

Tip #1: Be clear about your purpose
As a social media tool, Twitter is used to communicate ideas. However, before you reach out to connect with people, you should know who you are trying to reach, how you would like them to respond and how your Twitter marketing works with the rest of your marketing strategies.
Here are three ideas to help you clarify your purpose:

  • Audience. Identify your target audience, either based on your current experience with Twitter or on research.
  • Participation. What do you hope to get from your participation on Twitter? Do you just want more followers, or do you want a smaller, more responsive group that retweets your best posts, spreads your links, and increases your website traffic?
  • Integration. How does Twitter marketing fit in with the rest of your marketing strategy online? Twitter can be used in multiple ways – as a customer service tool, as a way to monitor your brand, as a way to get sales, or as a way to promote your other social activities on your blog, your Facebook Fan page, or your YouTube channel.

Tip #2: Get an even clearer idea on your objectives

Tip #2: Get an even clearer idea on your objectives
While it is great to have identified some of your reasons for being on Twitter, you will get even more results if you dig deeper and identify some important objectives. Since there are so many ways to use Twitter, you have to be clear on who you want to connect with and why, as well as what other uses you can put to work on Twitter. Here are three ideas to use for brainstorming your objectives:

  • Connections. Do you want to use Twitter to connect with joint venture marketing partners, find business investors, recruit candidates for a project, build employee relationships, discover new prospects, or stay in touch with your customer base?
  • Functions. Do you want to use Twitter to monitor marketing trends, discover new resources, establish a social media engine, manage workflow, and alert your audience about new reports?
  • Publicity. Do you want to connect with journalists about a press release or bloggers about product review?

Tip #3: Improve how you use Twitter

Tip #3: Improve how you use Twitter
There are a number of tools that have been developed to help you use Twitter more efficiently. Here are some resources to explore in more depth:

Tip #4: Use some established marketing tactics

Tip #4: Use some established marketing tactics
Twitter, ultimately, is only a communication tool, so the best way to use it is to think about established marketing tactics you can use.
Here are some ideas on tactics:

  • Develop a persona to appeal to your target audience based on their interests.
  • Link your Twitter account with your activities on your blog, your Facebook Fan Page, and your YouTube Channel.
  • Offer resources to your followers on a regular basis using a hashtag like #newsyoucanusetips, or something along those lines.
  • Schedule a time these resource tips will be posted to condition a sense of expectancy. For example, they can be sent every Monday at 10.00 am, or the first Friday of every month, and so on.

Tip #5: Monitor your progress on Twitter

Tip #5: Monitor your progress on Twitter
Unless you have some way of measuring progress, you have no idea if what you’re doing is working or if you are consistent in your Twitter marketing. Remember the number of followers you have is only one type of measurement.

Here are some other ways of monitoring your progress:

  • How many tweets did you publish a month?
  • How many retweets were sent out during a month?
  • How many people clicked on your links a month from Twitter?
  • How many active discussions did you have with people on Twitter a month?


You can successfully market your website on Twitter when you are clear about your purpose and have decided on your Twitter objectives. By improve how you use Twitter and planning ahead on what established marketing tactics to use, you should be able to detect noticeable progress when you monitor your progress on this social media platform.

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