Writing a winning content in design niche like graphic design articles is not easy as it sounds, it will undergo first several stages and researches. Gathering information in making analysis to formulate synthesis will make the impact of your post stronger. It will make your article valid and reliable. A general article may be good to present in a simple manner but not a graphic design article. Since this kind of article is inclined with creativity, artistic works and showing off talents and skills; you must know how to present it in a most compelling and convincing way.

Since you are discussing things to creative people, you must be superior to them. Remember that they came to your blog because they want to know more things. If your knowledge is not enough, then you will not become a better blogger. You will not have an effective blog, a good source of information related to graphic design.

3 Writing Tips for a Successful Graphic Design Articles

Here are three of the hundreds or thousands of possible tips that may help you in producing a successful graphic design articles. These tips may apply in other niche as it tackles a half general and half design writing tips. Let’s get started!

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1. Content Relevance

Content Relevance
We are talking about graphic design; its critical process, hidden tricks, useful tutorials and inspiring articles not about your dog nor your self-discovered ways on how to get a beautiful girlfriend. It may be a little bit critical to achieve but being passionate on what you love to do will guide you in the right way. Always remember your goals and objectives so that you will be guided as you discuss different graphic design-related things.

Knowing the needed important data for analysis is unquestionably a big help. This will serves as your outline and guide when writing your winning graphic design articles. Here are some of the things that you must know.

Know your topics

It is really hard to grab the attention of readers, how much more if they find an article that is not actually what they are looking for. How will they read from introduction up to the conclusion of your article?

Know your audience

If you are into writing articles for graphic designers then expect that most of your readers are professional graphic designerswho want to read about graphic designing and other related source of additional knowledge.

Know the trends

Posting an article regardless of categories must be trendy. It doesn’t mean that you need to post trendy articles every day. Just make sure that you post the latest news in the field right away because people are always eager to know more about it.

2. Use available props as much as possible.

Use available props as much as possible
The role of props is not only about to grab the attention of the readers to have an interesting article. If that’s your reason, why don’t you post a lot of props and forget about your article? The use of props is like condiments, it adds more flavor. This will make your article stand out from the crowd.

Style of writing

If you are a serious person who discuss a specific topic in a serious manner, changing your style of writing will break the ice. It’s a good idea to change your identity as an author for a specific article. Why don’t you explain a serious thing with an injection of sense of humor at the end? I’m sure your reader will love you more.

Make your article exciting

Discussing a topic as if you are telling a romantic scene of two protagonists in a descriptive and realistic way will enhance the story. How to make your article exciting? Well, ask yourself, reflect then implement.

Use of images

Using images or stock photos in your articles will not only add visual appeal but also give visual presentation to text. Remember that you are in the graphic design nicheand it’s a must to show the side of your creativity.

3. Apply the general elements of an article.

Apply the general elements of an article
Applying the general elements of an article such as the article structure, grammar, use of vocabulary words and keyword integration is like following a law. But sometimes it is good to make another approach just to make your articles different.

Article Structure

The most commonly used article structure is composed of title, introduction or opening paragraph, different body parts or the contents and closing statement. Always remember to write compelling statements to convince your readers to read your article up to the end.


You are talking to professionals, so talk like a pro. If you miss this part, this will make your readers disappointed. So always undergo proofreading before posting article to avoid any unwanted mistakes. Why don’t you double check your article using grammar checker tool?

Vocabulary words

If you are trying to focus on your vocabulary words to the point that you are actually using unusual words then you are barking up the wrong tree. Not all of your readers are very fluent and have a rich vocabulary in a specific language so you must consider it. Try to discuss things in a simple sentence wherein it can be easily understand by many.


These are some of the basic and practical tips that I want to point out to enhance your writing skills. A winning graphic design article is composed of many ingredients to spice up the taste. Thus, having a graphic design blog is not that easy to establish especially when your heart is not here.

Remember that these tips might be absorbed by bloggers of other niche since it can still be apply. Just always enjoy writing as if you are simply interacting with your friends.

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