Zeus, the king of all other gods, the god of Olympian and the god of the sky, is said to be one of the most important gods in Greek mythology. Aside from being entitled of different titles like supreme God and ruler of Olympian, he was also known as the Zeus the thunderer, lord of the sky and more. He is the controller of the sky, and the power of lightning and thunder which is the main reason why he was entitled of such iconic labels.

Zeus is married to Hera who has a nickname “cow-faced” but he had actually number of wives who bore him many children such as Titaness, Leto, Metos and Themis. That’s not yet the end because aside from having numerous wives, he was also known for having affairs with moral women. This is some of the most popular stories or facts about Zeus and we won’t discuss all of it since we will need a thousand numbers of pages just to tell the remarkable story of Zeus.

During ancient times, there is no access in technology even in a small piece. Thus, the only way to portrayed gods and goddesses in all sorts of arts is using sculpture, painting and more. But today we already have such image editing tools, we can actually portray the ancient times in a creative and realistic way. These collections of illustrations are all about Zeus, the king of all other gods that will show you the world of ancient times as if you are part of the history.

We manually picked the best illustrations and images of Zeus that will give you hints how Zeus looks like. You may come into a conclusion to ask yourself on what is the best illustration present in this collection. Are all of these illustrations looking similar? Are all Zeus illustrations holding a thunderbolt in his hand? It will be answered as you go along with these images or illustrations. Enjoy!

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1. Angry Zeus

The braze Zeus standing on a piece of rock that according to legend, it is the Mount Olympus where he lived and said to be the highest mountain in Greece.
Angry Zeus
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2. Zeus Artwork

This image illustrates the armored Zeus with his thunderbolt in his hand standing with full courage. It seems that Zeus is always ready in any surprise battle.
Zeus Artwork
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3. Father Zeus

This illustration comes in a different approach to portray the look of Zeus but still contains his identity through the thunderbolt in his hand. Did he want to throw his bolt to someone? See next illustration.
Father Zeus
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4. Zeus Punishment

Did Zeus kill his own father? This image illustrates Zeus and his giant father Chronus having a fight where Zeus throwed his thunderbolt to giant Chronus. This moment is war of titanomatchy in greek.
Zeus Punishment
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5. Zeus – Greek God

This is may be the most realistic illustration in these collections of Zeus illustrations as if Zeus is still living from Ancient times up to modern age.
Zeus - Greek God
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6. God Zeus

Unlike the previous illustration of Zeus where he looks so real, this illustration shows the art of painting look. Like the other illustrations, Zeus still holds thunderbolt in his hand.
God Zeus
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7. Zeus Illustration

Miracle? Zeus is not holding a thunderbolt in his hand but still he looks so brave. He is sitting like a king, a god. What made this illustration so real? Look into his eyes, he want you to speak a story of Ancient times.
Zeus Illustration
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8. Olympian Zeus

This illustration is more on the statue side using the art of sculpture. He may not be the same as others who look like real but people in this image still praise and admire Zeus. Do you?
Olympian Zeus
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9. Greek God Zeus

From the first illustrations, the common denominator you see is a thunderbolt. But now you will conquer by the real power of thunder and lightning by Zeus. With his burning eyes and thunderbolt in his hands, better to call the FBI.
Greek God Zeus
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10. Zeus Image

Calm Zeus seems planning of something. It may be a war, who knows. This is a good illustration since it leaves us the questions in our mind, what are you thinking Zeus?
Zeus Image
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