If you have read the 10 Reasons why you should learn Adobe After Effects, then you may be interested to continue discovering the world of video editing. Learning adobe after effects is such a great thing to do as it will allow you do interesting things when you learn the true concept of it. Because of that eagerness, some of you may want to know more about this powerful tool. How to use it? How to make such effects? What are the things that I must learn to know? These are just some of the questions that might be hanging in your mind. To help you getting started, I listed the best websites to learn how to use Adobe after effects. These websites publish unique and high quality after effects tutorials from basic to advanced, sharing tips and advices, posting news about the industry and more.

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1. Adobe Help and Support Page

Adobe Help and SupportPage
Adobe Systems created Adobe after effects that’s why you must expect the three domain of learning will be coming from them. The support page is the place where you will find some basic tutorials like installing and setting up the software, will help you getting started to learn this powerful tool.

On the other hand, the help page is considered by many as a book of knowledge as it composed of basic and advanced tutorials from dealing with the user interface, workflows, projects and compositions up to using advanced scripts, automation and expressions.

2. Videocopilot

If you once searched about after effects tutorials, you may notice that most of the excellent tutorials are actually created by Andrew Kramer of Videocopilot. The tutorials are divided into 5 categories which are the motion graphics, visual effects, titles, 3D tutorials and expressions. Most of his tutorials have included the original source file or the project file which allow the user to manipulate the same techniques. Once in a while, Andrew also provided exclusive free after effects templates on his blog.

Speaking of his blog, you will learn a lot of tips and techniques about camera shot, keying different objects, advanced color corrections, behind the scenes, name it all. And by the way, you must check first the After Effects Basic Training. It consists of 10 basic tutorials that will help you start your journey.

3. Aetuts+

AEtuts+ is part of the plus education network of Envato. AEtuts+ is focused in creating different basic and advanced tutorials related to motion graphics, production, visual effects and workflow. They also published different in-Depth articles, inspirations, news, quizzes and roundup. You will find yourself comfortable reading and watching different stuffs as they explain it in an approachable manner.

4. CreativeCOW

CreativeCow has been producing a lot of informative stuffs for a number of years. From different tools like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and more up to different useful articles, the creativeCow community is already tested when it comes to quality. It also has a forum where you can communicate with different professionals of different fields. With regards to learning Adobe after effects, they produce high quality tutorials about camera, 3D text, color correction, light, keying, smoke, tracking, water and more.

5. Lynda

Lynda.com is well known on producing different informative stuffs about different software from A to Z. They cover most of the popular tools exist. With regards to after effects, they produced different tutorials and training since 2002. Different professionals are contributing their own after effects video tutorial to educate thousands of video editing enthusiasts.

More websites to learn Adobe After Effects:

These are the websites that I most commonly visited when I am in the mood to enhance my video editing skills. These are just a short list of websites but produces high quality and informative tutorials, tips and techniques. If this list is still not enough for you, I listed other websites that also make after effects related tutorials and articles.

6. Layers Magazine

Learning Adobe After Effects on Layers Magazine

7. Motion Works

Learning Adobe After Effects on Motion Works

8. Greyscalegorilla

Learning Adobe After Effects on Greyscalegorilla

9. Maltaannon

Learning Adobe After Effects on Maltaannon

10. Maxafter

Learning Adobe After Effects on Maxafter

It’s Your Turn Now

No doubt, after effects is really a powerful tool that manipulates video and stock footage to produce a brand new epic video. If you have some website in your list that produces helpful tutorials then please share the link in the comment section to help other people who are willing to learn this powerful tool.

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