Choosing the niche of your blog is the first step before you proceed to your blogging journey. It’s like armor and weapons that you must prepare before going to a war. Choosing your blog’s niche needs a lot of self-assessment as it will based on where you good at. There are numerous of blog niche where you can choose from. It may be a gaming niche, a food niche, personal development, health, sports, fitness, design niche and more. But the best option can be found in your heart. It is good to write where you are passionate about. There are many factors that will affect your criteria on choosing it. Factors like competition, popularity of the topic and sustainability are some of the examples. You should really narrow down your niche.

When it comes to the popularity of the topic, design niche is always in the list. Design niche blogs cover different designing topics like web design, graphic design, logo design, designing tutorials, web development and more. It promotes designers’ artistic works to inspire other designers.

You may wonder how design niche produces a lot of successful blogs and bloggers. There are some design blogs that really excel in the field which results to a higher conversion margin. People really love what they post. So what’s up with them? Why people love this kind of blog?

Today’s post is a list of 5 out of the thousand reasons why design niche blog is being loved by many. This post isn’t intended to encourage you to make a design blog even if you are not interested to. This will gives you a glimpse in introducing yourself in the world of designing.

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5 Top Reasons Why Design Niche Blog Is Being Loved

5 Top Reasons Why Design Niche Blog Is Being Loved
Since from the start, design niche blog is always all about creativity. It promotes the talents and skills of different designers that produce creative masterpieces. To make this post a little bit different, we will use the word “creativity” as the representation of “design niche blog“.

The word creativity implies several things so why creativity?
  • It is a phenomenon of innovations.
  • It is like a factory of artistic works that hires imagination as a factory worker.
  • It is a synthesized designing process.
  • It is the bridge of quality going to any design activities.

These are just some of the implications of creativity that you must understand before going to any process. Even if you are only a blogger who produces articles related to designing, you must also practice the creativity within yourself as it will open many doors of possibilities. If you have a plan to make a design niche blog or if you already have, here are the top five reasons why it is being loved by many. Don’t be confused with this formula (design niche blog = creativity).

1. Creativity always stands out from the crowd.

Creativity always stands out from the crowd
According to Howard Gardner’s theory, one of the eight multiple intelligences of the human beings is the spatial intelligence. This is one’s intelligence that deals with the judgement of mind’s eye. But that does not mean you must have this intelligence just to appreciate the beauty of art. There are many people who really admire and get easily attracted by amazingly design images.

It’s no secret that one of the most talked about posts in every design blog is the collection of inspirational images. Design bloggers tend to collect the best designs for different area such as logo design, graphic design, web design and more. For an instance, this post showcased the Examples of Logo Using People Illustrations that grabs the attention of viewer’s eye because of the uniqueness of these logos.

2. Creativity brings color details to a dull life.

Creativity brings color details to a dull life
Design niche blog is like a hue and saturation tool, it gives different color to one’s life. Giving color possesses several things depends on how individual will look at it. Sometimes you may encounter different things that may change how you lived. Design blog covers different topics and one of these is giving tips out of the box. With every tip given away, there are principles in real life that you may apply.

Back to creativity that brings color details to a dull life, it may be confusing to some if your mind doesn’t generate any idea yet. Well, let me give you an idea what I want to point out. If you are a lonely person who have a dull (dull = sad) life, creativity can inject colors (colors = happiness) to it. This is just one of the many possible things. How it relates to a design blog? Not all of the post about design is always a serious one; there are also some injectable funny things that you may find. Take a look at one of my posts that talks about funny things yet still related to designing. Here it is: 20 Funny Advertisements That Will Make You Laugh.

3. Creativity is an endless inspiration.

Creativity is an endless inspiration
There are numerous of talented designers everywhere who are highly motivated to produce artistic works. There are also new designers born every day.

So what will be the role of these designers with the endless inspiration?

If you are focused in showcasing design inspirations then it won’t be a problem to make inspiring posts. It is because there are many designers that will help you to produce the content of your post.

And what will be the role of this design inspiration to your design blog?

If there are thousands of artistic works produced every day, then you have a great chance to inspire others. This will make your blog profitable to others as you are not only giving inspirations about designing but also in real life.

4. Creativity is your honest, loyal and best friend.

Creativity is your honest, loyal and best friend
Establishing a friendly surrounding within your blog is an essential thing to consider. This statement goes this way. If you are a good friend with others then you will be loved by them.

Design niche blog doesn’t forget this principle. In fact, there are many ways how they show this to their readers. Creativity is shown in the user-friendly interface that makes everyone comfortable reading different things. This is quite hard to acquire since you will need a lot of things to consider and you must really know to be creative with the things you do.

There are also some scenarios that you need to make an intentional way to make friends with them. It’s just like some people want to be alone. Design niche blog knows how to handle this. Some of them produce giveaways and contests. On that way, they can make a harmonious relationship with the people.

Design niche blog, which we relate to the word “creativity”, find ways how to make a good friendship with others. In fact, they also make friends with their competitors who also in the same niche. This is one of the things that design blogs are proud of. If they can treat their competitors like friends, how about more to their loyal readers.

5. Creativity is your family and always will be.

Creativity is your family and always will be
The commitment of posting informative texts is like a commitment to a family. It bonds the readers and the authors that create a family connection. Design blogs treat their readers as part of their family, as their loved ones. As a reciprocating act, readers give back the love they acquired.

Design Niche Blog: A Short Conclusion

These are the top reasons based on my own opinions but I am really sure that there are thousands of reasons we may produce since we have different ideas and thoughts.

But with these reasons in mind, we may conclude that design niche blog is really being loved by many. Imagine what color and beauty it brought in the world. It inspires different people with different field of interest. If you are planning to have a design niche blog because of these reasons, I am encouraging you to think at least a 100 times first. You must choose what you want, what you love and where you happy. On that way, you can enhance your inner personality that will help you in your blogging career.

It’s Your Turn Now

If you have something to share about this topic the please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment box. On that way, we may push the boundaries a little bit higher. One more thing, what are your opinions about our design niche blog? Is it inspires you in a small way?

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