It’s not a secret anymore to most of marketers the power of twitter and what it can do to dominate the market. Like other social media networks, twitter is also capable of making an instant hit about anything. A single tweet can reveal so many things, represents who you are or what kind of personality you have and even can make a long reaching impact. Because of such controversies, people tend to follow people who have a big name in the land. If you are a celebrity or a famous person then it will be easy for you to have thousands or millions of followers instantly. But if you are just a normal person or a new established company who wants to gained a lot of followers, what are the steps you are going to do? Are you going to buy twitter followers or will going to exert a lot of efforts to gain?

People follow others for some reason and it is already given that they follow someone because of the high impact they have on their tweets. Some will follow you if you followed them. Others will buy twitter followers but it is not worth it for some reasons. You can also gained followers by making yourself stand out from the crowd. But how will you make it? By having an amazingly designed twitter background, you are actually making yourself uniquely different from others that will make you stand out.

Twitter background plays numerous roles in the effectiveness of your tweets and your twitter account in general. But many people still asking, is twitter background really important? You may not care about your twitter background but here are the five reasons why it is still important.

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1. Twitter Background can perfectly tie your brand.

Twitter Background can perfectly tie your brand
Having a static twitter background that you may download everywhere for free can’t tie your brand, obviously. But having a custom twitter background that was created with an intention of showing the interrelation of your website’s design and twitter background design is somewhat perfect.

Why is it important to tie your branding with your Twitter account?

By having this kind of query in your mind, I assumed that you already know your reason/s why you created a twitter account at the first place. Tying your twitter and brand all together is one way or form of online existence that transform into a way of introducing yourself or your company in real life. You can reach new prospective clients as a result. And for some reasons, it can also improve your online reputation that will lead to a big impact with your existence.

How to perfectly tie in your brand?

Now we are talking. You can tie in your brand to your twitter background using a lot of your elements such as your logo and the main color of your website design. For best practices, you may also include your company or website details such as your social network accounts, the things your company do, company objective and so on. A well-branded twitter background design is really worth following.

2. It shows the side of your creativity.

It shows the side of your creativity
Is creativity a big deal? Of course a big yes. Having a creative mind is a god given talent that you must be proud of. Not all people exist with this kind of thinking. Thus, it is something that no one can steal from you.

Clients love creative people; you’re friends and followers also. It’s just like you are being treated as an asset of a company. It is because creative people can harness their creativity into their workflow which results to innovation.

3. The talking background image.

So what does your background image tells about you? It is still depends on what kind of background design you have but the sure things is, it really talks.

What does it tell to your followers and visitors accidentally or intentionally landed in your twitter page? It actually says a lot of things such as:

  • I take care to manage it personally so expect there is a real human that will respond to you.
  • Your background image says to your followers, “Hey, I’m still active on twitter, would you follow me here?”
  • Your background image says to you, “Hey, you can use me as your mini-resume so write your contact details on me.”

4. Background Design: Default vs. Customized

There are so many ways to do with the space allotted for your twitter background. But how will you show that you are different in just consuming the space? Are you going to use the default twitter backgrounds or you will create your custom design?

Using the default twitter background doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd. You’re just like a normal user who is part of the community who use the same image. So, what’s the matter?

If you made a twitter account for the sake of your business, to reach new clients, to build up strong relationship with others, to make your business unique and so on but you didn’t care how people look at you then you are hitting the wrong tree. It is because you are projecting a wrong image about your company and it will make people disappointed.

Using a customized twitter background makes you different, unique and worth the impression. The use of twitter background might not just about the impression but it can also give justice to the image you must project about your company.

5. Transition of Individuality

Transition of Individuality
There are so many ways to express individuality in general. But how will you use twitter background to make you stand out? Creating a consistent online identity in all facets is somewhat imperative. In the world of social media, you must be unique to stand out from the crowd or else, you won’t capture the attention of people.

One Final Thought about Twitter Background

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that you may use for thousands of reasons. It can be an effective tool to promote anything you want. But to make it effective, you will need a thousand of followers at the first place. Before you gained a thousand of followers, you must stand out from the crowd and be unique. And to make you stand out from the crowd, one thing you must take into your consideration is the background image. This is the reason and the main point of this post.

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