The process of preparation is like water, it is essential for different dimensions of life.  When you make preparations, you also make plans. It is just like people make their preparations to make sure everything will happen according to their plans. One of the examples where you can apply the principles of planning and preparation is in blogging. Blogging doesn’t require any plans or even preparations unless you want to make your blog successful. Some professional bloggers or probloggers made this technique and some made it also but without awareness.

You may ask yourself whether you really need to make this kind of preparations or not. Are you a future professional blogger who made a concrete plan because you do so or a future blogger who made a weak plan because of the absence of strong reference? Whoever you are one thing is for sure, this process will be your stepping stone as you go along in the blogosphere.

But what are those things you must prepare first before making a blog? Here are the five basic things you must be aware of before planning to create and launch your own blog. This will guide you before getting started making a blog and hopefully give you a quick glance in the world of blogging.

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1. Choosing your Blogging Platform

Choosing your Blogging Platform
Choosing your blogging platform is the very first step you must think about as it will serves as the home of your content, images and other files. Are you going to use hosted blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Posterous, Tumblr and so on or are you going to host your own blog using stand-alone blogging platforms and a hosting service?

Choosing your blogging platform may depends on what kind of blog you want to establish or what suits on your needs so you must balance well the options available. You may also make your own criteria so that you can manually check one by one the options you have to make a decision you won’t regret in the future.

The If Statements

If you are going to use a stand-alone blogging platform and a hosting service…

  • Do you have a budget for paying the fees?
  • Do you have an extra budget in case of delayed Monetization?
  • What about the give up moment? Are you ready to waste your money?

If you are going to use a hosted blogging platform…

  • Are you ready to lose all of your contents, files and your blog as a whole?
  • Are you ready to accept the challenge of a self-hosted blog?

2. General Blog vs. Niche Blog

General Blog vs. Niche Blog
What content are you going to produce? If you want to blog about your personal life, the things happening in your surroundings or you just want to express your feelings in some other things then a general blog is the best for you. A general blog talks about anything thus you do not need to worry if a specific content is suitable in your blog.

If you want to blog about a specific area, business or field such as education, design, technology, games, health and fitness then niche blog would be the best for you. In niche blogging, you are only entitled to make articles relevant to your industry.

General Blog or Niche Blog? If you can’t answer that complex question, try to answer these simple things first:

  • What is the area of your interest?
  • What are your goals and objectives?
  • What are the reasons why you want to make a blog?
  • Is blogging a job for you? Or just a hobby?

Choosing between general blog and niche blog depends on your goals and objectives – sometimes depends on what your wants and likes are.

Whatever you chose from the two, are you willing to learn and do the following?

  • Time Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Internet Marketing
  • Building a strong social media presence
  • Post Quality Consistency
  • Blog’s Maintenance

3. Layout and Design

Layout and Design
One of the most important aspects that you should take care of is the layout and design of your blog. You have different options to choose from when it comes to this aspect.

  • Buy premium themes or templates
  • Use free themes or templates
  • Hire a web designer to make a layout and design for you
  • Make your own design and layout

The If Statements 

If you are going to use free themes or will make your own design and layout…

  • The quality is at risk. You need to know first the Principles of a good website design.
  • Coding skill is a must.
  • You are the captain of your ship. If it sinks, your fault.

In designing your own web design or theme, you must consider the following:

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to navigate
  • Consistency of design
  • Use of colors
  • Suitable on your niche

If you are going to buy premium themes or will hire a professional web designer…

  • You must have your budget.
  • Stick with the contract. Final design can’t change.
  • If you want to redesign the paid theme, redesign it on your own or pay again.

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4. Sole or Multi-Author Blog

Sole or Multi-Author Blog
You will not have the assurance that you can write your own content without the help of other people forever. Sometimes, this is the reason why bloggers reach their give up moment. But there are others who can consistently make inspirational articles with their own.

You may not have the intention from the start that you may actually establish a multi-author blog in the future. Whatever it is, the core of your blog must still come from you. Harnessing different unknown potential skills may also do so.

Advantages of a Multi-Author Blog

  • Produce more frequent content – More articles for your blog
  • Topics being covered are expanding
  • Your reach is extended
  • Management skills is being enhanced
  • Faster development of your blog
  • Division of Labour
  • Team work
  • Different thoughts and ideas

Disadvantages of a Multi-Author Blog

  • Division of income
  • Quality Hampers
  • Not easy to manage

5. The Making of your First Blog Post

The Making of your First Blog Post
You might wondering why I am talking about the first post on your blog as part of your preparations, am I right? First impressions really do last thus you must make your first blog post in a remarkable way.

But how to prepare your first blog post that will last longer? Considering the things below might help you to decide on how to write it.

The Making – Things you must consider

  • Keyword Density and Location
  • Choose of Title
  • Other meta tags
  • Headlines (H1 and so on)
  • Shocking headings
  • Use optimized images

Possible content of your first blog post

  • An introduction about you or your blog
  • A straight to the point article related to your niche
  • A giveaway, freebie or a contest.
  • Loyal greetings from you or from the team.

What are the things you must do after publishing your first blog post?

  • Share it to different social media site like Facebook and Twitter
  • Tell your friends to share it.
  • Submit your blog to different related directories.

One Final Thought

There are always preparations come first before doing anything. It is because we want to produce a result that is not against on what we originally want. Same with blogging, you must make some preparations first if you want to have a successful blog. If you will given a chance to make a list of things every newbies should prepare for before they launch or make a new blog, what are those?

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