100+ Articles to Make You a Better Graphic DesignerHaving a creative mind is like a crayon, you don’t just add color details but let your learners live in the same box. Inclining your lifestyle in the world of graphic design is a way of exercising your creative thinking. Creative people like graphic designers know no limits when it comes to creating artistic works. Where is the life of a graphic designer revolves? Is it a matter of design-implementation process? A dedicated designer who treats graphic designing as part of his life doesn’t look after the number of money; it is on the number of people whom he made inspired. Not the number of projects he made for a certain clients but the number of masterpieces seen by the creative world. This is where the curious side of the principles of graphic design will be implemented.

Graphic design is a continuous process of enhancing your creative mind to create a piece of design. Even if you already reached the professional level, you won’t stop studying unless you reach the end of your imaginations. Why not stop? There are numbers of different forms of art related to the field developed or invented by different creative thinker. You must go with the trend, study their concept, make your own hypothesis and integrate your prior and new knowledge.

To help you continue your learning activities, I made a small directory of categorized articles to make you a better graphic designer. These articles are divided into different categories such as general articles, resources, graphic design tips, tutorials and application roundups. This will develop your god given talents and will make you an effective one. Have a meaningful browsing and be ready to inspire others!

General Articles

A list of general articles that will explain you the theoretical side of graphic design along with different principles, reasoning and more.

1. The Principles of Design – Digital-web
2. Graphic Design Theory? – AIGA
3. Can Graphic Design Make You Cry? – Designobserver
4. 50 Totally Free Lessons in Graphic Design Theory – Psd.tutsplus
5. Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes – Designobserver
6. It’s Great to be a Graphic Designer. Here’s Why – Naldzgraphics
7. The Lost Principles of Design – Fuelyourcreativity
8. Color Theory for Designers, Part 1: The Meaning of Color
9. Graphic Design Principles – Design-lib
10. Graphic Design in the Postmodern Era – Emigre
11. Do You Have What it Takes to be a Graphic Designer? – Naldzgraphics
12. A List of Things Graphic Designers Should Know – Graphicmania
13. 15 Advantages of Working in a Graphic Design Company – Naldzgraphics
14. 10 Mistakes a Graphic Designer Shouldn’t be Making – DesignTaxi
15. 5 Reasons to Get a Graphic Design Degree – Youthedesigner
16. 50 reasons not to date a graphic designer – abourbonforsilvia
17. What Does a Graphic Designer Do? – Wisegeek
18. What is Graphic Design: What Does a G.D. Do? – AIGA
19. 13 Signs You’re A Bad Graphic Designer – Justcreativedesign
20. Easy Steps to Improve Your Graphic Design Skills – Naldzgraphics
21. Photoshop Has (Almost) Nothing To Do With Graphic Design – Retinart
22. It’s Nice That : Why graphic design? – itsnicethat
23. Helpful Creative Thinking Tips for Graphic Designers – Naldzgraphics 
24. Copyright Basics for Graphic Designers – AIGA
25. Choosing a Laptop for a Graphic Designer – Aaronparecki
26. Getting Yourself Ready for a Graphic Design Career – Naldzgraphics 
27. Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline

Resource Roundups

A list of articles that tackled different places or websites where you can find design resources dedicated for graphic designers.

1. Sessions: Web Resources Compilations – Designrshub
2. 30 Excellent Resources for Graphic Design Freebies – Sixrevisions
3. 99 Useful Resources for Graphic Designers – Youthedesigner
4. 40 Great Web/Graphic Design Resources – Thinkdesignblog
5. 27 Indispensible Resources for Graphic Designers – Freelancefolder
6. Educational Resources for Studying Graphic Design – Noupe
7. 100 Great Resources for Design Inspiration – Mashable
8. 10 of the Must Read Articles to Find Design Resources – Always10
9. 25+ Free Resources for Graphic Designers – Mycroburst

Tutorial Roundups

A list of helpful tutorials using different software or tools such as Photoshop, Inkscape, GIMP, Illustrator, Fireworks, Indesign and more to boost up your skills and creativity.

1. 30 Fresh Photoshop Tutorials for Graphic Designers – Speckyboy
2. 65+ InDesign Tutorial Roundup for Graphic Designers – Tripwiremagazine
3. 45+ Incredible Vector Tutorials for Graphic Designers – Multyshades
4. 30 Unique Movie Poster Design Tutorials for Graphic Designers
5. 10 Good Inkscape Tutorials for Vector Graphic Designers – techdrivein
6. 25 New Awesome Photoshop Tutorials for Graphic Designers
7. 18+ Adobe Illustrator 3d tutorials for graphic designers – Srisakthi
8. 50 Killer (Photoshop And Others) Tutorials For Graphic Designers
9. 50 Illustrator Tutorials Every Designer Should See – blog.Spoongraphics
10. 29 Excellent Typography Tutorials for Designers – Thedesignmag
11. 40+ Excellent GIMP Tutorials for Designers – Naldzgraphics
12. 50 Fireworks Tutorials for Designers – Vandelaydesign
13. 40 Extremely Useful Adobe Fireworks Tutorials For Designers
14. 10 Good Inkscape Tutorials for Vector Graphic Designers – Linuxtoday
15. 20 Useful Fireworks Tutorials for Designers – Sixrevisions
16. 8 Adobe Fireworks Text Tutorials For Designers – Reencoded
17. 50 Best Adobe Fireworks Tutorials For Designers – Stylishwebdesigner
18. 760+ Photoshop Tutorials For Web & Graphic Designers – webdesigndev
19. Top 50 Graphic Design Photoshop Tutorials from 2011 – Speckyboy

Graphic Design Tips

A list of fruitful advices, worth remembering tips, tricks and techniques from different creative people around the world to make your graphic design career better and healthier.

1. Tips to improve as a graphic designer – Thedesigncubicle
2. Health and Wellness Tips for Workaholic Graphic Designers
3. Prepress tips for graphic designers – Davidairey
4. 20+ Job Interview Tips for Graphic Designers – Davidairey
5. 25 Graphic Design Career Preparation Tips – Youthedesigner
6. 8 Practical Tips for Newbie Graphic Designers – Graphicdesignblog
7. 8 Self Motivating Tips for Graphic Designer to Stay Creative
8. 3 Do or Die Graphic Design Business Tips – Youthedesigner
9. 5 Tips For Finding A Graphic Design Jobs – Smashinghub
10. CV Tips For Graphic Designers – Creativepool
11. 10 Tips For Writing A Graphic Design Brief – Davidairey

Application Roundups

A list of useful application for different gadgets such as Iphone, Mac, Ipod, Android, Ipad and smartphone that will help you not only in your worfkflow but also throughout your graphic design journey.

Iphone apps for Graphic Designers

1. 13 iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers – Webdesignerdepot
2. 25 Must Have iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers – Pelfusion
3. 16 Top Useful iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers – Bonfx
4. 25 Best iPhone Apps for Designers and Freelancers – Inkd
5. Top 8 iPhone Applications for Graphic Designers – DesignJuices
6. Fourteen iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers – Webdesigncore
7. Top Seven Best iPhone Apps For Graphic Designers – Hellboundbloggers
8. Essential iphone Apps for Graphic Designers – studio1c
9. 4 Iphone Applications for Graphic Designers – thewebprograms
10. 12 fantastic iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers – Designfiles
11. iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers – Designtalkboard

Ipad apps for Graphic Designers

1. Productive iPad Apps for Graphic Designers – Designzzz
2. 30 Essential iPad Apps for Designers and Creatives – Appstorm
3. 30+ Cool iPad Apps for Designers – NaldzGraphics
4. 9 Great iPad Apps for Graphic Designers and Web Developers – OXP
5. Must Have iPad Apps – 10 iPad Apps for Graphic Design Students

Mac apps for Graphic Designers

1. Top 15 Free Mac Apps for Graphic Designers – Marcofolio
2. 28 Excellent Free Mac Apps for Graphic and Web designers – Speckyboy
3. 25 Top Free MAC Apps For Graphic Designers – Slodive
4. Top 20 Mac App Store Apps for Graphic Designers – Bonfx
5. 30+ Design Apps on the Mac App Store – Webdesignerdepot

Smartphone apps for Graphic Designers

1. 7 Smartphone Apps for Graphic Designers – Blueglass
2. Essential Smartphone Apps for Graphic Designers – Codefear
3. 10 Smartphone Apps for Graphic Designers – Dezignerslounge.

Android apps for Graphic Designers

1. 8 Must-Have Android Apps for Graphic Designers – Bestrank
2. 5 Best Free Android Apps Graphic Designer Should Know – Zoomzum
3. 5 Must Have Android Apps for Graphic Designers – Eexploria
4. Best Free Android Apps For Graphic Designers – Webdesignish
5. 65 Useful Android Apps for Designers – Hongkiat

Tool Roundups– A list of different useful tools that will help you deal with your graphic design projects.

1. 70 Awesome Open Source Tools for Graphic Designers
2. 20 Essential Tools For Graphic And Web Designers – Topdesignmag
3. Essential Graphic Design Tools – About
4. 10 PC Productivity Tools for Graphic Designers – Gomediazine
5. Top 10 Essential Graphic Design Tools for Graphic Designers – Creativefan
6. 16 Must-Have Online Tools For Graphic Designers – Esdev

One Final Thought

Because of the unstoppable rotation of the graphic design world, there are hundreds of articles dedicated to graphic designers born every day. Thus, we have a less possibility that we already gathered the useful articles that we need to share. In case you have found a worth-reading article that must include in the list, please feel free to put the title of the article with link in the comment box.
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