Adobe After Effects, developed and created by Adobe Systems, is a compositing software commonly used for creating visual effects and motion graphics. The main purpose of this software is for film as it allows users to animate and composite media in 2D and 3D space in creating stunning and epic movie. It generates dynamic motion graphics with striking visual effects. Learning after effects is like knowing how to create a blockbuster movie that will win a best picture award.

It is no secret that learning this powerful tool is not that easy as it will needs a lot of learning activities. If you are not patient enough, you may give up learning this tool. To help you encourage continuing discovering the world of video editing, we listed the top 10 reasons why you should learn Adobe after effects. This will give you different ideas on what kind of powerful things adobe after effects can do.

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1. After Effects enhances Video Presentation.

When you are planning to create a presentation whether it is for school or business, the best option you might consider to use is Microsoft PowerPoint. There is no doubt when it comes to professionalism of slides presentation made in MS PowerPoint. To make your presentation in different approach, after effects add some extraordinary style that will shock your audience. This is commonly used in video presentation to animate the explanation using some texts and images.
After Effects enhances Video Presentation
After Effects Tutorial: Dynamic Bar Graphs – In this after effects tutorial, you will know how to create a dynamic bar graph that you may use in your video presentation. This is perfect to use in your business progress report and other representation that needs graph. Aside from using MS PowerPoint, using the art of after effects will certainly add more flavor to your presentation and will entertain your audience at the same time.

2. After Effects creates epic Visual Effects.

If you are a fan of some movies that purely created by visual effects, you may wonder how they created it. Well, some motion graphic designer used after effects not only to enhance the scene but to create an “invisible scene”. Invisible scene means a place that is not actually exists. It is commonly seen in fantasy type movies through set extensions and matte painting. After effects can also create striking moving graphics and other magical elements.
After Effects creates epic Visual Effects
After Effects Tutorial: The Portal – In this after effects tutorial, you will know how to create a smokey portal effect with turbulent particles. This magical effect will proves that After Effects is capable of creating an “invisible scene“. It really enhances the story with stunning effects. Imagine how movie scenes looks like without visual effects. There is no magic at all.

3. After Effects produces unstoppable Motion Graphic.

Creating the illusion of motion will be possible using the art of motion graphic. It may be in the form of different elements such as texts, video footage, images and more. Graphic designing and motion graphic designing is somewhat similar; the only difference is the graphic is in motion.
After Effects produces unstoppable Motion Graphic
After Effects Tutorial: Futuristic HUD – In this after effects tutorial, you will know how to create a futuristic 3D interface of heads up display as seen in Iron Man’s helmet. This tutorial will give you different designing techniques with regards to HUD interface using some basic shape tools and other built-in after effects tools.

4. After Effects provides stunning animated titles.

Making animated titles may strengthen the technological and futuristic appeal of your text presentations. It reduces the boredom’s percentage of reading plain texts for explanation. Adding animation to your text presentation will draw more viewers’ attention. This art is commonly done in TV advertisements to promote brands, products and services. It is the time to avoid having steady text presentation and put them in motion.
After Effects provides stunning animated titles
After Effects Tutorial: Shatterize – In this after effects tutorial, you will know how to create a shatter effect in After Effects. This may not be appropriate in some business text-presentations or TV advertisements but this is the best example of animating titles in a very creative way.

5. After Effects beautifies 3D motion works.

3D made scene will be nothing if you won’t strengthen the impact of the looks. With the help of Adobe after effects, you are actually practicing two different arts in one. You may use advanced color corrections, put some stock elements or integrate additional scenes and characters to beautify the scene. After effects will act as a necromancer because it will make your dead 3d works alive.
After Effects beautifies 3D motion works
After Effects Tutorial: 3D Ledge – In this after effects tutorial, you will know how to create a 3D scene using after effects and 3D Max. You will also know how to put action footage using 2D tracking. The plain 3D scene will be more realistic with the help of After Effects built-in tools such as color corrections, curves and glow. You will also know how optical flares (3rd party plugin) enhance the scene.

6. After Effects reveals your brand in a shocking way.

If you want to show something new to your visitors, readers or viewers, revealing your brand’s identity using after effects is a good approach. “Logo reveal” is one of the most popular style of animation using After effects when it comes to promoting one’s identity. This technique will surely drive a very good impression straight to their mind and will attract more clients in the future.
After Effects reveals your brand in a shocking way
After Effects Tutorial: Blueprint Reveal – In this after effects tutorial, you will know how to create a revealing logo effect in a blueprint style using scribble effect and stroke tool to write. If your business or website is related to engineering, architectures and other business type that has something to do with blueprints, this is a very unique way to impress your clients. If you are into other business type, I’m sure there are more logo reveal tutorials around.

7. After Effects strengthens live action footage.

When i was a kid, I’m really confused if some action scenes really fire their guns. Now that I am aware in the art of video editing, I realized that these muzzle flashes are not true. Some fire explosions, gun shots, blood splatter are also part of the illusion. If you want to know the trick, you may explore Action Essentials 2 a little bit since it composed high definition pre-keyed action stock footage. You can make an action scene in seconds using this action stock footage.
After Effects strengthens live action footage
After Effects Tutorial: Blast Wave – In this after effects tutorial, you will know how to create a realistic explosion to produce a powerful shock wave. You will also learn some tricks that used in some action movies on how they integrate action stock footage to strengthen the impact of the scenes.

8. After Effects creates unbelievable scene.

Creating unbelievable scene in a place that is not actually exists is one of the most praised part of a movie. It is possible using the art of matte painting to make set extensions. It is a process of representing illusion using not only painted graphics but also video editing tools to make landscapes and other virtual sets. With after effects, it is possible to create something like impossible places for unbelievable scenes.
After Effects creates unbelievable scene
After Effects Tutorial: 3D Set Extensions – In this after effects tutorial, you will know how to create a foggy 3D set extension to make an illusion for some helicopter shot. You will see the big differences in the comparability of the before and after shot that will fall you in a conclusion that matte painting or set extensions are the trick used in most of the fantasy movies.

9. After Effects improves your advertising techniques.

In this modern age, one way to attract customers is by using TV advertisements. But not just a TV advertisement, it needs to be a creative and attractive to leave a good impression to all the viewers. Instead of using steady plain texts, animating different objects as well as the labels will improve your ads. After effects is also capable of making this technique possible by pushing the boundaries of advertisement’s creativity.
After Effects improves your advertising techniques
After Effects Tutorial: 3D Offset – In this after effects tutorial, you will know how to create an animation of mobile phone in 3d and custom space perfect for your TV advertisement. You will also learn how to use expression for animating objects.

10. After Effects imparts personal reasons.

Adobe after effects is really a great tool to manipulate video and stock footage. If you are into this kind of art, this is the time for you to share your experiences to inspire others. You may put your own reason why others should learn this art. And if you are now ready and willing to learn adobe after effects, visit this post: Learning Adobe After Effects – Best Websites to Learn.

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