Blogger, a blog-publishing service, is a great blogging platform because of its different features. Aside from having a free hosting, it also has robust servers with unlimited bandwidth. If you care about SEO then you must take into your consideration the site speed of your blog. It is also easy to modify your blog’s template or choose from thousands of beautiful blogger templates.

If you are new in the blogging world, then blogger as your blogging platform may be a perfect choice for you since it is easy to learn even if you don’t have any guides. These are some of the great features of blogger but you are not yet pushing the boundaries to the next level. Adding blogger widgets may increase the overall impact of your blog.

Thus, we listed the 10 blogger widgets and plugins that you must have in your blog. This will help you improve your blog in terms of functionality. This will also let your blog be competitive to other blog hosted by other blogging platform. Good Luck!

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10 Blogger Widgets and Plugins Everyone Should Have

1. Subscription Widget in Sidebar and Below Posts

A subscription widget is a must if you want to increase the number of your loyal readers. This blogger widget is a good way to attract your new visitors subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed, like your Facebook page, follow you on twitterand other social media networks.

The most common place to put your social subscription widget is on top sidebar. But there are some bloggers who also put this widget below posts. Here are some of the coding tutorials for blogger platform in adding subscription widget in sidebar and below all posts with different styles:

2. Social Sharing Widget Below and Top of all Posts

It’s not a secret anymore to all webmasters and bloggers that social media is one of the great sources of traffic. Thus, adding social sharing widget such as Facebook like and share buttons, tweet and retweet buttons, google +1 button and so on is a good way to let your readers share your post.

On that way, his/her friends may join your blogging community and encourage other people to visit your website through your interesting articles. Here are some of the tutorials in adding social sharing widget below and top of all your posts using plugins and coding method as well as the famous floating social sharing buttons.

3. Popular Posts Gadget with Thumbnail in Sidebar

Aside from targeting the number of visitors, some bloggers are also interested to increase the number of pageviews. One way to increase it is by having a popular widget. The popular post widget is commonly placed on sidebar. You may also try to have a bold letters to make it catchy and include 5 up to 10 posts.

The common name given to this blogger widget is “Popular Posts” but you may rename it to something catchier like “Most Visited Posts“, it’s up to you. Here are some of the blogger tutorials to add popular posts widget in your sidebar in different ways (coding method, blogger plugin, with and without thumbnail):

4. Recent Post Widget Below Posts and Sidebar

If you have the popular post widget, it may be ideal to add recent post widget since they work hand
in hand. Same with the function of popular post widget; it increases your page views and let your readers aware on what you are up to as of the latest.

The two common places to add recent post widget in blogger is in sidebar and below all posts. Here are some of the tutorials in adding recent post widget with and without thumbnail using feedburner, blogger plugins and more. We also added in the list the tutorial of adding twitter recent post widget.

*Recommendation: If you want to add more widgets related to recent and popular post widget, you may want to add recent comment widget and top commentator widget. On that way, your readers may engage in giving sweet comments to your articles.

To add the recent comment widget, follow this tutorial: How to add Recent Comments – WordPress Style.

To add the top commentator widget, follow this tutorial: Top Commentators Widget for Blogger / Blogspot with Advanced Features.

*Tips: After adding some or all of these blogger widgets, you may come to a conclusion that you are having a problem when it comes to space. Your sidebar may be crowded because of too many widgets.

With that in mind, you may use the multi-tabbed widget in blogger to save some space. To add multi-tabbed widget in blogger sidebar, follow this tutorial: Advanced Multi Tabbed Widget For Blogger – Fully Widgetized!.

5. Related Post with Thumbnail Widget Below Posts

Aside from having a Popular post widget in increasing the number of page views, one more way is to add related post widget. The common place to put your related post widget is in below all articles. Bloggers usually make the related post widget available below post so that the readers find other interesting articles after reading the prior content. There are different plugins and coding tutorials to follow in adding related posts blogger widget and here are some of them:

6. Post Summary using “Read More Link”

Most of the times, some of your visitors will land in your homepage that’s why it is a must to have a professional looking homepage from its design up to its functionality. One feature that blogger doesn’t have by default is the post summary feature. This may not be considered as a blogger widget/plugin but I recommend everyone to use this feature as it will increase your blog’s professionalism.

Before, most of the blogger templates don’t have this feature. It seems that it is in demand nowadays since most of the new blogger templates made this feature by default. But in case your blog doesn’t have this functionality, add this feature by following this tutorial: Learn How to Show Post Summary using The “Read More Link” or “Continue Reading link”.

7. Numbered Page Navigation

Pagination or Page navigation is a great feature as it will help your readers to browse your contents easily. Using numbered page navigation will make easy to navigate your blog up to the oldest post. If you start your blogging career in blogger platform about years ago or even you encountered old blogger templates, then you are familiar with its not so good looking navigation button for different page.

The default page navigation of blogger is the “newer posts” and “older posts“. It seems that aside from a boring navigation, you are actually browsing contents in nowhere. You don’t even know where page you at. It is obvious that the answer in this problem is by using numbered page navigation. In fact, almost all of the blogs in different blogging platforms uses this.

If you want to add numbered page navigation to your blog, follow this tutorial: Numbered Page Navigation for Blogger New Script.

8. Drop Down Navigation Menu

Aside from having numbered page navigation, having a drop down navigation menu that includes different categories or topics will make your blog interactive. It will guide your readers to explore your contents according to their category. They will easily find articles based on their interest because of this kind of navigation.

Here is a list of tutorials in different drop down navigation menu styles that you may choose from: 61+ Hot Drop Down Menus For Blogger.

9. Multi Column Footer Widgets

Many professional blogs have a three or more column widget at the bottom section of their layout. This is one of the ideal place to put your chosen blogger widgets such as the recent post, popular post, social network links, a simple “about the author” widget and many more. This will leave a good impression and will also help to increase the usability of your blog.

If you are wondering how to add multi column footer widget on blogger, follow this tutorial: Add a Customized Three Column Footer Widget in Blogger.

10. Best Blogger Widgets According to you

There are many blogger widgets around and we can’t choose the best since it varies according to the style of your blog. If you have a list of blogger widgets which you think may be helpful to all bloggers, please write it down in the comment section below this page.

One Final Thought

At the end of the day, you are still the captain of your ship. Choosing the best blogger widgets, plugins or feature is still in your hand. This is just a list of all blogger widgets which I think the reason why I improved my blog’s functionality.

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