WordPress, the ever popular open source blogging platform can be turned into different kinds of websites – e-commerce, video website, social network, classifieds ads and even a gaming site.  By just making sure that you include the things to consider in making an ideal WordPress theme, then you are good  to go. While I greatly admire the robust framework of this Content Management System or CMS there are undeniable weaknesses that will not make it a good substitute to scripts that are dedicated for a sole purpose – like in gaming websites.

There are a few people who push the idea of using WordPress as an arcade website, commercially. They have published and even sold custom plugins and themes catering to this purpose. But for someone who’s on the arcade niche, (apart from it being interesting research-wise) that idea can be nothing more than a feeble attempt to be different. Read on to know some of the reasons.

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WP isn’t Built To Process Huge Number of Queries

WP isn't Built To Process Huge Number of Queries
Let’s face it, your WordPress blog will die with huge traffic, unless you do core level customizations (which something I’m guessing you won’t be able to do since you opted to use a blog CMS for a game website, instead of a real gaming script). I’m talking about huge traffic, the kind of traffic you get when you get to rank 1 of cooking games keyword.

Imagine thousands of online visitors requesting not thin pages, but pages with flash game files amounting to a few hundreds of bytes to a few megabytes. And no, cache plugins will not do the trick. Have a pity on your database.

There are Too Few Plugins that Allows Seamless Flash Games Integration

There are Too Few Plugins that Allows Seamless Flash Games Integration
Plugins – which are in a way the lifeblood that makes WordPress really powerful are limited when it comes to supporting arcade type WordPress sites. And why not, the idea of turning this CMS into something completely different is either preposterous or trivial in nature.

There is of course one plugin made by MochiAds, a super huge game publisher. But yes the plugin supports their games exclusively. It was created to benefit them through SEO and direct traffic driving. If making your website a host to a grand scheme that benefits you on a very minute scale is your thing, then you will love this plugin.

You need a kickass plugin to do this kind of job on your WordPress blog, unless you want to do it the old-fashion way which isn’t really a good idea. Explanation is on next part.

One Post One Game Is Just Plain Crazy

One Post One Game Is Just Plain Crazy
How do you intend to update or at least post games as blog entries?

Importing database from somebody else’s site is a thing of the early 2000s. Search Engines will hate you for this. So that’s out of the options.

Game sites (the real good ones) usually contain hundreds to thousands of games. There are thousands of food games on my cooking games arcade for example. Posting games as blog entries, along with content description and game embed manually will be very tiring and amateurish. Doing this automatically however, whether through software or through a plugin will limit customization for SEO.


WordPress is a wonderful CMS, but it was created for bloggers, not game website publishers. The idea of turning a WordPress blog into something completely different will be a good one only if it works and only if it can beat other scripts that are created for that purpose. That is hardly the scenario with WordPress powered game site scripts.

About the Author: The post was written by Kim Tyrone Agapito, a Web Strategist and Search Engine Optimization Specialist from the Philippines. He currently runs a Blog about Pro Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing called KimOfTheWorld. He also owns a content creation network called ArticleScholar.
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