School Logo Examples: 20 Designs for Education

Education is unquestionably one of the most significant building blocks for the development of human beings. School, as part of social institutions, is responsible for implementing high quality education and serves as a learning environment open for all people. This is where the teaching and learning process happen and where the students are being molded and refined by their facilitators. Since we are now in the technology age where every organization used technology to promote their brand as well as their objectives and aims, institutions tend to integrate technology on their campaign. It’s no secret that many of the schools nowadays have their own website to promote their institution and published their aims, objectives and courses offered. They also used brochures, flyers and other types of advertisements as part of their campaign. One common denominator that we can easily notice is their logo designs. This serves as a fundamental part of every form of promotion. With that in mind, we compiled 20 examples of school logo designs for inspirations. Good Luck!

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14. Wingham HB School

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15. Forestry School

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17. Austin Peace Academy

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18. Mecklenburg County Public Schools

Mecklenburg County Public Schools Logo

19. Carmel Catholic High School BW

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20. Praedu – Practice Education

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