No doubt, Adobe Photoshop is now the leading image editing tool that used by many people all around the world. It helps different kind of people such as web designers for making the design of every web attractive, photographers for enhancing photos to make it more beautiful, graphic artists for creating stunning graphics, 3d modellers for producing a real looking 3d designs and so on. It turns art into a masterpiece. With the help of different presets and features, what used to be impossible is now possible.

Because of its popularity, different designers are giving away freebies to make Photoshop more useful. These freebies like brushes, styles, PSD files, gradients, patterns and so on, make our work more extraordinary and really creative. Since some of us wants to download all the freebies, since its free, we are having some messy collections because of the huge number of Photoshop files.

That’s why I provided these sets of Adobe Photoshop Folder Icons to group your files according to their format or usage. These icons are available in 3 formats such as PNG, ICN and ICO so that everyone can use these files whether they are using Windows, Linux and Mac. Enjoy!
Free Set of Adobe Photoshop Suite CS5 Folder Icons
As you can see in the preview file above, the sets of icons are composed of main Photoshop folder, actions, gradients, brushes, curve, shapes, swatch, patterns, styles, PSD, tool and plug-in. You can now manage and arrange your Photoshop documents according to their formats.

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