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Most of us consider blogs/websites as part of our daily life thus we want to improve the overall design of it to create a strong impulse about the services towards the readers. It serves as our house whereas we are making some decors, arrangement of furniture and so on to make both the owner and the visitors feel refreshing and comfortable. By means of playing with our design through the use of our creative minds, we might come up on something unusual that hopefully will like by our visitors. One of the most common “furniture” on every blog is the call to action buttons since different pages are being built with different purposes. This button plays an important role when it comes to productivity of particular page. As far as I know, the most popular label entitled on a button is “Download” or “Download Here“. This download button serves as the door we need to knock so that we can download the files. Since it is being popular nowadays, bloggers tend to use different styles of download buttons so that they can attract “clickers” on their files. To save you much time on finding different download buttons designs, we compiled 35 Free Vector Download Buttons available in PSD Format. You can choose with varieties of designs and styles wherein it will help you to choose what design fits and will blend to your website design. On that way, you can create unique elements to your website which will attracts more clicks on your website, ultimately increasing your website’s visibility. Don’t forget to read first the rules and agreements of the author before using these freebies. Enjoy and Good Luck.

1. Download Button

2. Red Download Button

3. Simple Download Buttons (PSD)

4. Simple Download Buttons

5. Download Wood Button

6. Download Button

7. 10 Simple Web Buttons (PSD)

8. Simple Download Button (PSD)

9. Free PSD – Premium Web Buttons

10. Download Now Buttons Pack

11. Editable Download Buttons

12. Free PSD Buttons

13. Download Button Set PSD

14. Vector Download Buttons

15. PSD “Download” Web Buttons Set

16. Cute 3D Buttons (PSD)

17. Big Download Buttons

18. Download button white color with green ribbon (Free PSD)

19. Download the source files button

20. Nice Download Button

21. Orange Download Button

22. Green Download Block

23. Mix n’ Match Download Button Set

24. Android Download Button [PSD]

25. 4 Download Buttons

26. Free PSD Download Buttons

27. Download Buttons Free PSD

28. Download Buttons PSD

29. 6 Color Download Button(PSD)

30. Download & Upload Buttons PSD

31. Web Button

32. Web 2.0 Download Button

33. Ninja Buttons

34. Download Buttons + Killa BG v1

35. Blue Circular Download Button

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