We already published 5 sets of Free Photoshop Text Styles in the previous months and the results were really great since we helped many designers out there having trouble in their text effects designs. However, I am not yet satisfied with the 5 sets of free Photoshop Text Styles we already posted that is why I decided to make the 6th set of this freebie.

This set composed of different kinds of text effects such as text effects for Halloween, e.g., Ghost, Pumpkins, Bloods, zombies and other creepy text styles. We also have some metal text styles with different variations as well as textures. Some premium looking text effects also are available here for free.

You do not need to worry anymore because you can now create epic text styles without having exerting a lot of efforts and brainstorms. With the use of these text styles, you can also recreate those effects as many as you can, anytime. We will be coming up with more sets of Free Photoshop Text Styles so stay tuned.

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1. Halloween Layer Styles

Halloween Layer Styles
2. Sonarpos Metal Text Styles

Sonarpos Metal Text Styles

3. Free PS Glass Colourful Styles

Free PS Glass Colourful Styles

4. Sonarpos Style 22

Free Photoshop Text Styles (Set #6)

5. Free PSD 80s style

Free PSD 80s style

6. Black Text Style

Black Text Style

7. Metal Text Styles

Metal Text Styles

8. Fancy Pants Text Effects

Fancy Pants Text Effects

9. Rusty Text Styles

Rusty Text Styles

10. Sonarpos Styles 02: Wood Text Effects

Sonarpos Styles 02: Wood Text Effects
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