Logo is one of the very important elements of one’s company as it symbolizes the image of the team as a whole. If logo of company is professional and good looking then it embosses really good effect on whole company identity. This is one of the reasons why designers are always in the history of every successful business. But designing a professional Logo is not an easy task to do if you do not have any inspirations. These sources of inspiration play a vital role of successfully designing your masterpiece. One of these good sources is our mother nature. Many designers use trees or leaves in the design of the logo, while others use other things from nature such as a landscape, mountains, and more. Today’s inspirational showcase will show you the 60 Logo Designs inspired by Nature. If you are looking for more inspired nature artworks, check these articles: 20 List of 3D Typography Inspired by Nature,20 Beautiful Website Design Inspired by Nature and 20 Stunning Mobile Advertisements Inspired by Nature.

3. Frut
15. Tee
17. Amari
23. Eutem
25. Werner
38. AIDC
51. Thrive
59. Ecobox
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