“Now you can hear from people you’re interested in, even if you’re not friends.”

Facebook has undergone significant growth rates for several years from its very beginning, following by Google competing strongly for the first rank. The noise between the battle of Facebook and Google has been heating up of late. Facebook is doing a lot of development in their site to have a good competition with others.

Maybe you remember a month ago when Facebook announced a slight change to its privacy settings: “Making It Easier to Share With Who You Want“. These changes help the users to make their updates more expressive since they made it simple to add location and tag the people you’re with.

However, today’s post will show you the development done by Facebook in terms of user’s subscription. Hear the latest..

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Facebook: Introducing the Subscribe Button

Hear from interesting people

“You’ve always been subscribed to friends. Now you can hear from journalists, celebrities, political figures and other people too. Click the Subscribe button on someone’s profile to get their public updates in your News Feed.”

Since the competition between facebook and google is already in the internet world, some people find ways to compare the two gigantic website. Some may conclude that Facebook imitated the RSS Feed feature or specifically Feedburner of Google used by different bloggers around. Like Feedburner and other feeds, this subscribe button lets you hear from specific people even if you’re not friends with.

Fine-tune your News Feed

For some people especially for those who are not interested about small things posted by their Facebook friends and are annoyed about non-sense updates about their friends in Facebook but they actually do not know personally, this new Facebook feature could be a big help for them. You can now choose what you see in your news feed. Another thing is you can also decide what types of updates you want to see. You can also unsubscribe whenever you want as it works like RSS Feed you frequently seen in most of the websites around.

  • All updates: Everything your friend posts
  • Most updates: The amount you’d normally see
  • Important updates only: Just highlights, like a new job or move

By default, you do not have yet the subscribe button. To let people subscribe, go to the Facebook Subscription and click Allow Subscribers.

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